Finding Link Partners For Top Home Businesses

When using a web site to build top home businesses a solid linking strategy is vital. The "Arelis" software makes finding related sites very easy to do and save huge amounts of time over the alternative manual methods. There are a few different ways to look for link partners and they include:

1) Using the keyword of the page we are trying to obtain links for and searching each major search engine for the top results.

2) Searching through the blog directories using the same method as above.

3) Finding the top sites in the search engines for the keyword we are working on and locating all the link partners that they have.

4) Locate link suggestion forms and submit our web page linking information to them.

The four methods above are great ways to build top home businesses through a solid linking strategy. One can imagine the time and effort this would take to do manually. With the linking software it is all done with little work and a push of a button. When working on a web page we want to go through each of the options until all efforts are exhausted. This is the final step for working on one of our web pages. The problem is that this is a slow process, so once all the other linking techniques have been done for your web page begin working on this and also begin working on the next page of content.

Do Not Become Obsessed With Linking!

This final linking method will slow down the content building process if you continue to work only with this linking software until everything is done. Use the software each day to work on your most profitable and in demand pages. These will be your home page and second tier pages. Continue to add content, optimize the content, distribute an article for the web page and look for directories to submit to for the page, then do the same process over again. On top of that process, spend time each day working on one page with this software. Go through each option for obtaining links within the software and once all options have been exhausted move onto the next highest profitable page for building top home businesses online.

The reason for this is that you may spend a month or more working on getting links for a single page with the software. If you were to stop everything and just work on one page at a time through the entire linking process it would stop the momentum of the site in it's tracks. Do not get "link obsessed" and stop adding fresh content to your site. Just use this software to work on the most profitable pages one at a time and little each day.

Here is the first screen you will see after you select the "links" option from the first page of the software:

top home businesses software image

We only focus on the buttons on the left and the top four, no need to use the fifth button on the left hand side because it shows us links we have already got. If you are working on getting some inbound links for your home page you will go through each of the options. Just click on the button and it will ask for the needed information. The information is nothing more then the keywords or address of the sites in the top of the results for the keywords. Using a solid link strategy like this is a sure way to build top home businesses online.

If you would like to read my review or the purchase information for the Arelis link strategy software just click the link Top Home Businesses Software!

On the next page I will go over each section a little more in depth.

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