Adding Content To Start Your Own Home Business

It is very easy to start your own home business with Solo Build It! and all the great marketing tools. They have a neat little feature called "Block BuildIt!" which makes it easy. Adding different sections to your web page a snap. There are only two main areas to focus on when you start your own home business through a web site. These are the headline and the text sections of the page. The headline is the "H1" HTML tag and the text is just where you will place the content page you have written. There is no need to worry about the HTML as the template takes care of that for you. There are a few other options in the "Block BuildIt!" function that we will go over, but these two are the main ones you need to know.

Here is what the function looks like:

If you click on the arrow drop down box, then there will be a list of options. the first one is called "headline" and that is what we select.

Doing this will create a "block" so we can easily fill out our headline. The headline is just the title of our page. Every time you create a page of content make sure to think of a headline for the page. A simple headline could be "Top Ten Fly Fishing Rules Any Novice Must Know". Make sure to get your exact keyword into the headline one time and no more.

When you start your own home business from a web site these are simple techniques you must remember to make everything quick. The alignment will either place the headline on the left of the page, the center of the page or on the right side of the page. Leave the "size" always at "1" so you have a nice strong headline, plus search engines look for the "H1" tag on optimized pages.

Next we will use the "Block BuildIt!" function again and select "Text" which will open up this box:

All you have to do now is copy and paste your article or content into the blank area. The text you have created should be optimized. By this I mean it should have your exact keywords you focused the article on sprinkled throughout the content. A page of content should always be at least 300 words and 500 word articles are probably best. The keyword should be used about three to five times with the above word counts.

They should be used with more density at the top and less density as you head to the bottom, so that the keywords sort of "trickle" down. Always use the exact keyword in the last paragraph of the article. The Block-By-Block Builder makes it simple to Start Your Own Home Business , you can click the link to see a live video tour of these tools in action!

See, to start your own home business is not that complicated after all. Next we will look at some of the other options available on the template and go over each. The last couple pages are all you need to know for on-page optimization of your content. Once you get use to it the process is very fast and the template really speeds things up!

Let's look at some other page options before we wrap this section up! Click Here For The Next Lesson!

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