Day 9 - Keeping Stats On Your Best Home Based Business

Day 9 we will look as some of the different ways you will utilize your "site stats" to help grow the best home based business and get to know your visitors even more. This is part of any great business and with a good traffic reporting program we can monitor our visitors at any level. The art of looking at the traffic coming in and going out of our web site will put us more in touch with our visitors. For example do you think if 80% of your traffic is coming into your homepage and 80% of your traffic is leaving your homepage within 2 minutes is good for your online business? Understanding your traffic reports can help you improve your web site performance and also help you maximize your money for long term income.

What we look at to keep on top of our best home based business is traffic, links in and links out. If we know that traffic is the lifeblood of our web site then we most certainly would want to keep it in the best optimal health. By monitoring our lifeblood we are keeping track of the health of our web site and are able to doctor any areas we may feel are "bleeding" out profit potential.

One problem with traffic reporting programs is that they give you to much information (TMI), which can lead you to get lost in what you really want to keep your eyes on. We want to monitor our blood pressure and we want to make sure all is flowing smoothly. Do not become addicted to your traffic stats and try to stay away from any monitoring software that is going to give you TMI for your home business plan.

I am not going to go into all the traffic monitoring results the extreme software's include. The majority of it is useless and a waste of our time. We always want to keep our work at a minimum and keep our focus on the big prize, which will always be creating great content and getting it optimized onto our web site. Solo Build It!, the business web site hosting I use supplies the perfect tools for marketing online an for creating the Best Home Based Business! The basic traffic reports we will look at is our daily traffic, unique visitors, pages views per day and the total of these on a monthly basis. I usually do my analyzing of traffic stats the first of each month for the previous month. It takes very little time and at most a small glance to see if anything stands out is all you need.

Visits - This accounts for the total number of visits for the month

Visitors - The number of different surfers who came to your site. If a visitor has come back to your site 5 times they would count for your visits.

Page Views - The total number of pages viewed by all visits and from all visitors.

Now we will move on to how and why we analyze these figures for our best home based business plan. Click For Next Lesson

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