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The idea of using home business software for marketing a web site, blog or any other endeavors you may be involved with is to save time and keep your business organized. There is no "push button" program which will deliver vital traffic to your site and create tons of income overnight. There are loads of different programs aimed at webmasters and preying on the obsession for getting millions of visitors to a site. None of them ever deliver and leave you with nothing more then less money in your pocket and going back to the drawing board. On top of this most of these 'amateur" programmers will use tactics which are against search engines webmaster rules and violate TOS, leaving you with a penalized web site and no traffic or income at all.

There is some great home business software for Internet marketing available and the main reason a webmaster uses them is to continue to grow their business and stay organized. Great software eliminates the 'grunt work" for the many techniques that will help grow more traffic, such as link building, article distribution and directory submissions. Anytime we can eliminate time consuming tasks and increase marketing effort we should take advantage.

I will list some of the best home business software available for marketing a web site or online business on these pages. I have my personal top 3 recommendations for the software which I cannot live without. These 3 programs cover the three main techniques I utilize for marketing my web sites which are, directory submissions, article distribution and link building strategies.

In my humble opinion these 3 programs are the best at what they do and include lifetime upgrades which are included in the one time inexpensive prices.


This program used to be called "Arelis" and is now the Axandra Internet Business Promoter. There are two versions available, one covers just the link building and the other is a analyzer to help optimize your web pages for the search engines. I only use the link building because my Solo Build It! web hosting has all the features of the full software and the tools are free with the hosting of my sites. This is the best software for increasing link popularity and search engine rankings. The program has four methods for searching for possible link partners including link submission forms, keyword search, locate back links of competitors who have top search rankings and a blog search. These tools provide and endless and limitless source of potential in bound links from related sites and pages across the net.

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Article Post Robot makes quick work of distributing your articles across the net. The program is updated with around five hundred article directories and close to 50 different groups. Just load your article into the template, add your keywords, select your categories and create your bio box with the linking information and in a push of a button the article is blasted to each directory and group. Imagine the back links and promotion your web pages will get from distributing your articles this way. Article distribution is my favorite method for promoting my site and pages and this software takes all the time consuming work out of the process. The program is updated regularly and new article directories are constantly being added. This is by far the best article distribution home business software on the net!

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The directory submitter is a great piece of home business software for getting a site off the ground. This program is loaded with over 1300 directories which are free to submit your site information and link. Directories can be a pain to surf around and try to locate and this software does the "grunt work" providing every directory which is worth submitting to. The software updates with new directories often and supplies a template in the program so that submitting to each directory is done with a click of a button. I use this software every time I start a new site in order to get some easy links to my homepage and second tier (menu bar) pages. A highly recommended piece of any Internet marketing arsenal!

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I will continue to add additional home business software which I feel is deserving and worth using. My restrictions of software are strict. Many programs out there have a lot of hype and are mostly garbage which gets you in trouble with the search engines. I am a "white hat" marketer" and stay away from any home business software which is "black hat". The object of software is to "ease the burden" of work and keep me organized, not to try to "cheat" the search engines.

Good luck with your online business adventures and I hope the software recommendations help your business grow!

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