Day 8 - Grow Your Work At Home Business Opportunity Through Relationships Online

If you look back on all you have learned about starting a work at home business opportunity you should really pat yourself on the back. I remember when I first learned how to do this I was extremely exited and wanted to read more each day. I suppose I am a bit jaded to the whole Internet marketing world but it is still something I love to do and continue to learn about. At one time building a business online seemed to be anything but easy, but once I learned the proper and true way to do it is when my life changed. You have every bit of knowledge I have and you now know exactly what I do to build my web sites and make a solid income online. I am writing this paragraph to motivate you and to get your exited for the journey you have ahead. Take every lesson you have learned so far seriously , this is the only way to build a home business online. I could never have learned or done it all without Solo Build It! and I suggest taking the Work At Home Business Opportunity Free Trial

In day 8 we will learn about building a relationship with our visitors for a work at home business opportunity and ways of keeping in touch with them when we have exiting news to share. This can be called "creating our list" , as I have mentioned before many webmasters adhere to the creed "the money is in the list" and this can be true. The reality is that by keeping an opt-in list for our visitors to sign up for, we can keep a list of visitors who will probably purchase from our affiliates.

A list can really grow over time and when you send out your weekly letter you will see a nice jump in sales. Some webmaster get thousands of dollars in income every time they send a list and use it as their main work at home business opportunity, so it is clearly something we want to do with our web site. This is an addition to building a work at home business opportunity and Solo Build It! could not make the process more easy.

The two main ways to keep in touch with our visitors are to create an Ezine and a site-blog. In order to get people to sign up for a list we must provide them a reason. Many webmasters like to give out a free item for signing up such as an Ebook that covers topics in their web site. Other may provide a discount or electronic coupon for the items they are selling on their site. This is all up to you and what you feel will work best.

For one of my sites I just offer a weekly newsletter as to what is going on in the topics I cover. I send this out once a week to my list of email address of people who have signed up and slip my affiliate links in with new products not on my site yet. I make it a bonus for people who signed up to get a little something the average visitor does not. I also place links to all the new pages I have added since the last Ezine mailing so they can see the additions of the site.

It is always a great idea to build a relationship with your visitors and try to grab as many as you can when they come to visit. Return visitors are more likely to make a purchase and once they make a purchase they are more likely to come back and purchase again. These seem like the kind of visitors we want to keep around our site! A list will make a work at home business opportunity grow and in the next pages we will look deeper at how to set these concepts up on our site.

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