Day 8 - Continued - Create The Best Work At Home Business Through RSS Distribution

RSS is nothing to be afraid of for the best work at home business and for Internet marketers who build great content sites the technology is one of the best things to come out of the Web 2.0 arena. When Web 2.0 began to take off, it was focused around sharing great content and making the content easy to access and share. This is great news for those of use who build quality content sites because it offers a new way for us to get our content out to the masses and create a "buzz" around our sites. The best work at home business will utilize all the Internet has to offer and that is what we are doing!

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and that is exactly what we use it for. This is a powerful new way to distribute any form of electronic communication whether that be our web pages,videos or music and is very helpful in building the best work at home business online. The best part is that this new technology is very easy to use and once set up we do not have to do a thing. The software handles everything automatically.

Once we set up our site-blog in a matter of minutes, we then add our RSS feed in a few more minutes and all is set up for the duration of our site. The Blog-site is incorporated into our site as a second tier page and located on the menu or navbar. The RSS button is also located under our navbar and looks like this:

Now any visitors can add your site to an RSS feed and share it with the world! Making your best work at home business known throughout the world with none of the work. The blog and RSS feed software is part of Solo Build It! and it's many awesome tools, you can read more about these marketing tools here The Best Work At Home Business Tools!and there are absolutely no extra costs involved. My web hosting company I use for my sites always adds new features and keeps the prices the same for hosting my sites. Every time the Internet evolves I evolve with it and that makes running the best work at home business I can a cinch.

Every time you add a new piece of quality content to your site the page is automatically added to your site-blog after you publish it. If you were to go back and modify a page it would then update your site-blog as well. The RSS feed is also at work once you publish the new or modified page and it alerts all the major sites that distribute RSS and it "pings" or notifies every RSS/blog engine and directory that your new content is available. This is a very powerful tool that few marketers take advantage of and it will be automatically handles for you. Since the blog and RSS are a tier two page, your site visitors and search engines will easily find the blog and RSS. Spiders love this easy to read format of content and your pages will be indexed in lightening speed.

If your visitors sign up for your RSS then every time you add or modify new content they will be altered that changes to one of their favorite sites has occurred. Their RSS feed manager will make it know and supply a link back to your site, keeping your relationship with your visitors on auto-pilot and that makes the your best work at home business easy to run and manage. Could you imagine if you had to write new content for your blog and manually distribute it through RSS? The times and hassles would make you not want to use this technology like so many other marketers who miss the boat.

One last point, this blog and RSS feed is a very easy and effective way to get your traffic flowing in faster and keep your visitors in touch with your web site. This is a perfect way to build a relationship as we are talking about. Make sure to add the blog and RSS feature to your web site once you have ten pages of quality content on your site.

Now let us take a look at setting up our Ezine to build an even stronger relationship with our visitors... Click For Next Lesson

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