Day 6 - The Work At Home Business That Works!

Let's glace back at some of what we have learned so far with our work at home business and journey to become successful Internet marketers.

We have looked at the idea of preselling and the effects it will have on conversion rates.

We have explored ideas for a site theme and concept which is something we know about and have the passion for. We have done our first true Internet marketing task of keyword research and decided on the keywords that will be most profitable for our site concept.

We have explored affiliate programs and merchants for a work at home business to see what we will use to make steady streams of income from our web sites. We have chosen a domain name that fits with our overall plan. Already this sounds like a winning recipe for a work at home business and now it is time to build a site that gets the visitors!

There are many cliche things I could say here such as Rome was not built in a day or the journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step. The important thing to understand is we are not getting rich quick and we are not being took advantage of. We are building a work at home business that is destined to be successful through following a plan that works. Our business will have little to no overhead and be able to grown each day towards our goals.

Now it is time to build the work at home business on the rock solid foundation we have already laid down. Do not forget our overall plan of CONTENT = TRAFFIC = PRESELL = MONETIZE and in that exact order. This is the order we will follow to get our site up and drawing in our life blood TRAFFIC.

Let me ask you where you think we might begin? Correct! Writing our first page of content and setting up our homepage. This is getting exiting and all the work has paid off. It is now time to put your passion and your knowledge to the test.

Our overall goal for the day is to build the content for our homepage based around our favorite, most broad (but not to broad) and most profitable keyword. A word of advice, do not focus on the actual most profitable keyword. Look for the keyword that has the largest demand and is still has a high profitability. The homepage will typically score first and best in the search engines so let's get as much traffic from the start as possible for our work at home business. The second half of our goal is to build a second tier page in the same manner.

Did I forget to mention we will also be optimizing our pages? Once we go through our first couple of pages you will be a pro at this, I cannot promise much but I will promise that. There is no need for any special computer skills in this process. Solo Build It! makes this as easy as can be and has templates for putting in your titles, body of content, links and more. You will just place everything in the correct area of the template and click a button. Then BOOM your pages are live and online. You should take some time to watch the video tutorial I have created about Solo Build It! here Work At Home Business Video Tutorial! It shows every step of the way and exactly how to use each tool I mention.

It may be a good idea to learn some basic HTML code. The codes are very easy to learn and become second nature. I use a few HTML codes for my work at home Internet business which I will go over later in a tutorial.

Here is how you make a hyper link (please not I put spaces before and after the <> so that the link does not go live, when trying to create a link there is no spaces!) < A HREF="" >hyperlink anchor text< /A > within the parentheses you would type the URL such as

You can center text for pages with the < CENTER >< /CENTER > tags. The first tag starts with <> and the last tag ends with < / >, this is called the anchor. See the backslash in the anchors? This is all very easy to do and with Solo Build It! the tools make it all a snap. A matter of fact why don't you take a look at all the tools you will be getting if you join Solo Build It! for building your work at home business: Check Out All These Free Tools!

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