Day 6 Continued - How To Succeed With Our At Home Businesses

Remember in the last lesson for at home businesses we looked at the basic outline for building a easy to navigate site for our readers and the search engines. This is crucial to the success for our web site so let's expand on the lesson.

Let us say our homepage is now:

Fly Fishing In Arizona

and our button menu is:

Fly Fishing Basics
Fly Fishing Lessons
Fly Fishing Techniques
Fly Fishing Poles
Fly Fishing Reels

Now we have our main site concept "fly fishing in Arizona" and some of the more broad, in demand and profitable keywords making up our menu bar or second tier. From our menu bar we then can target more keywords to write content around for our third tier such as:

Fly Fishing Basics

How to fly fish - supplies for fly fishing - how expensive is fly fishing - Arizona fly fishing stores

Fly Fishing Lessons

Tips for fly fishing - learning to fly fish - fly fishing spots in Arizona - beginner fly fishing

See how we just narrow our site concept into a clean and easy to navigate structure which both readers and search engines will love! This is how you build at home businesses for making an income online.

You must make sure you outline your site properly, think of it as just that, an outline. Do not get caught up in the keywords. Just make them work best as possible without being sloppy. It makes no sense to fill your menu or navbar with the highest profitable keywords if they are all covering the same topic. You want your second tier to be able to lead into third tier topics, so keep your second tier a strong outline for your site concept structure.

The homepage links to the 5 to 20 second tier pages and then those second tier pages will link to your third tier. By the time you finish the third tier you will have 50 pages or maybe even one hundred. At this point it may become difficult to find in demand keywords for your niche, but if you use the keyword research tools in the web site hosting you should be able to find some gems. You can learn more about the great tools that Solo Build It! hosting offers for At Home Businesses by clicking the link.

This approach provides our site with a clean, profession look and feel which can be navigated by both human visitors and search engines spiders. By keeping the site clean and organized more pages will be indexed and more of our content will be ranked in the search engines in which more traffic will come pouring in and we all know what more traffic means, more income!

At home businesses all use this method for success online and now that you know and understand the concept you are on your way to becoming a Internet marketing wizard. Well not so fast, now we must learn some more Internet marketing skills such as on page optimization and creating our pages.

Do not worry, this is all a snap with the tools we have and we even have an "analyzer" to make sure we are delivering just what the search engines want. At home businesses all use some of the top software for monitoring search engines and you will get these all with your web site hosting.

Let's continue on with our day 6 lesson plan... Click For Next Lesson

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