Day 6 Continued - Home Business Online Optimization

5) Body Copy For A Home Business Online

* This all leads us into our page of content. A page of content needs to be at least 300 words and really 500 is perfect. Keep each page below 750 words as the pages become daunting for visitors to keep with. A page of 500 words should have about four of the main keywords mixed into the content. Try to also mix in related words and synonyms that the search engines can grab a hold of. The analyzer tool makes sure we get this correct for our home business online. I suggest you take a look at all the great Home Business Online Tools that Solo Build It! provides and don't for get to take the full video tour!

* Everything leading up to the body copy must force the reader to desire more. Once they land at the main content they must get a sense that they are getting something for their efforts and your home business online. Your content must deliver what they are searching for. You must keep the content exciting and get the readers pulse pumping a little. Put them in that warm position to want to buy from your merchant.

* Do not overload your site with keywords thinking it will improve your ranking. In the good old days this worked, but today you will only be penalized for it by the search engines. Most top ranking sites have a keyword density under 5% and many around 1%.

* More important then the amount of the keywords you place is the manner you place them. Your header will have a keyword within the text. In the opening paragraph you should have the main keyword. The second paragraph you should include the keyword once or twice and then one time at the last paragraph. You want the keywords to trickle down, be prominent at the top and slow down for the middle and bottom. Make sure to include the keyword in the final paragraph. Do not feel that stuffing keywords will make a better home business online , it will only hurt.

* Keep your body copy on topic. There is no need to feel pressure to create huge pages of content for your home business online, if you can only come up with two hundred words but it keeps to the point and accomplishes what it needs to then the page is fine.

6) Link Tags

* Link tags are the hyperlinks you see on web pages all over the Internet. Try to include your keywords within them. Add your link tags within your body copy and instead of just putting a "Click Here" tag, try adding your keyword and some excitement such as "Check Out Tom's Fly Fishing Adventure!

So you can practice, a hyperlink is created through HTML code:

PLEASE NOTE - There are NO spaces between the parentheses, I have put spaces so that the links do not go "live"

< A HREF="" > - this is the first section and < /A > this is the last part or the anchor.

You place the URL of the site or page you are linking to within the parentheses of the first part and then your text between the >< like this, < A HREF="site URL here" >Check Out My Cool Webmaster Tools!< /A >

It is easy to do so practice till it is second nature and building a home business online will become a breeze.

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