Day 3 - Figuring Out The Best Home Based Business Ideas

Here we go, this is where things start to get real and the basis of all your home based business ideas boil down to your final site concept. This is where we work towards building topics which have the highest profitability and probability of success. This is just like any other business concept as we are looking at the supply and demand of the keywords that you will be using for your sites content and topics.

The supply refers to the amount of other webmasters who are using the phrase and the demand refers to the amount of people searching for the topic. There are a couple ways to figure this out. Some create software which you must pay for and some use the older method for creating home based business ideas , which is this...

If we were to type a keyword into a search engine such as "Horse Training" on the top right hand side you would see this:

The important thing is the "results 1-10 of about 3,790,000 This is telling you that close to 4 million web sites are scoring in the search engine for that keyword and this is your supply.

So now we must look at the demand. The demand is the amount of people who are searching for the keyword "Horse Training" and to do this we use keyword tools. Here is a free basic one Free Keyword Tool Here is a snap shot of what we see when we type in "Horse Training"

So we now know that we have 223 people searching for the keyword (Per Month) and we have close to 4 million webmaster who are trying to draw traffic from the search engine for that keyword. You can see just how important picking the correct keywords are for creating home based business ideas.

You can see as well there are multiple keyword phrases related to the main one I was investigating (there was actually hundreds I just cut the snap shot short to save space and prove my point) and odds are you will find some gems that will be less competitive and much more easy to profit from.

NOW I know what you are probably thinking, that this seems like a lot of work or that now I want you to buy some expensive software to make this easy. GOOD NEWS, not at all! With Solo Build It! all is built right in and in a matter of minutes you will have all the keywords related to your site concept and all in order of the most profitable. You can view all Solo Build It! delivers here: Try The Home Based Business Ideas Free Trial

Here is a look at the manager tool you will use to help get home based business ideas:

It is called the Brainstormer and I would not live without it! This tool is EVERYTHING you will ever need to do all the keyword research and marketing, since I have been using Solo Build It! (over 6 years) they continue to update and stay on top of what a webmaster needs to succeed.

For example you will pick the Brainstorming tool and type in your keyword you want to research for your site concept such as "Horse Training".

The results will then show your the supply of 3,790,000 and the demand of 223 and it will also tell you the profitability of each keyword. You can click the column so that all the keywords line up in order of the most profitable. Then just go onto each keyword and decide if it is one you will pursue for your site.

Are you starting to see how creating the best home based business ideas will turn a profitable income? This is Internet marketing and you are just now starting to get it! This is 100% the way that everyone who makes a solid living online goes about it and when you are done with these lessons you will know everything that you need to for building a web site as a home based business.

Oh, one last thing, there is also a column that is for site information. This will show you the top sites using the keyword for their web sites and you can use these to get ideas for content or to see if they have an affiliate program in which you can join and help sell their merchandise. Just put a little note next to the ones you find helpful, such as "content" or "merchant" and it will help you keep up with your home based business ideas.

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