Day 1 - Simply The Best Home Based Business Opportunity

Here we will just take a brief look at all involved with a home based business opportunity. I am going to provide a ton of information and resources on this site of EXACTLY how I learned and EXACTLY what I do to set up a site and then the work I do each day to keep it growing.

The first thing we want to cover as I am sure it is already in many of your minds are total costs involved. There is no sales pitch here with " How much would you expect to pay for all of this...$1000, $2000...More?). Many Internet Marketers are very slick and many people love these sales pitches which are all garbage. These prey upon the desperate who know there must be a way to get rich quick on the Internet and those are LIES. At one time the first Internet marketers were able to make a quick buck and many even retired rich. Those days are long gone and if you think paying $500.00 or $2000.00 for a quick way to become a millionaire from some average sales pitch of a young guy standing behind his parents BMW is possible, you are in to lose money and keep your day job.

One of the best things about using a web site for a home based business opportunity is that overhead costs are very inexpensive, especially if you focus on affiliate sales in which you need no extra staff, products to purchase or any forms of marketing.

You will get everything you need from this site including the web site, the design tools (which will have your site live online and looking great in about an hour or two with NO special skills), the keyword research tools, a registered domain name (you get to choose) such as, an email account for the domain, a site map, traffic monitoring tools, search engine monitoring tools and more. Basically you will have the everything the best Internet Marketers have and use to create profitable web sites. The cost for all of this is about $30.00 a month and with Solo Build It! (the only hosting I would ever use for all my web site businesses) you will be on your way. You can learn more about Solo Build It! and what they deliver here: The Solo Build It! Home Based Business Opportunity. The $30.00 a month is the total cost for starting and running a web site. I will go over some of the software I also use for marketing online which makes things easy and much faster, though you do not need it, the cost of a couple hundred bucks for a lifetime it may be well worth it to you.

The Basics Of Building A Web site As A Home Based Business Opportunity

*** Increasing quality content will bring targeted traffic and will only lead to more sales. More sales will produce more income. The idea of all of this is to build a home based business opportunity through what you know and love. Create your income through your content and all else will follow. Above is the basis for what we will do and here is how we will do it:

1. Develop a site which is best for you (what do you know? What do you love?)
2. Research all the topics and keywords to work on for making your site profitable
3. Locate all the affiliate programs and merchants you will be sending your Targeted traffic to.
4. Decide on your domain name and register the domain
5. Build your web site (100% no skills needed) which will look professional and full of extremely profitable topics.
6. Get the targeted and motivated traffic coming into your new home based business opportunity
7. Continue to feed and nourish your web site by adding content and building relationships with your visitors (customers) day after day, month after month and year after year.
8 . Convert this traffic into a solid income by referring your visitors to the affiliate sites and merchant sites you have chosen.

We will go through this in more detail here on out and I will try to present the home based business opportunity into a 10 day plan that will have your site up and running, then it is all up to you.

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