Day 1 Continued - The True Way To Build A Top Home Based Business Day After Day

Day one of getting the process of building a top home based business going is to just reflect on all of the facts involved. Each day you will accomplish the plans for that day and at day 10 your site will be up and running, looking professional, loaded with great content and set for indexing in all the major search engines and all of this will be done without any hassle or complication. After this point, day after day you will work to grow your online presence as well as continue to drive in more traffic and collect more income on a monthly basis. As long as you keep with the plan the traffic and income will increase with each months traffic stats in your managers area of the site.

There is a cliche' saying to online marketers and that is "Content Is King" and this is very true. If you want to stay in for the long haul and continue to keep up with a top home based business through the Internet then writing content and killer content is key. This will rank you well in search engines and deliver free targeted traffic to your site. The second key to success is to have the content "presell" whatever you are providing to the visitors. If it is a service, a product or another companies product in which you are offering, when the visitors click the link where they will be presented to make a buying decision you want your content to have them "warmed up" and ready to make a purchase, as this is key to any top home based business on the web.

What "preselling" your visitors does is increase conversion rates and this is as much an art as possible in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world. The object here is simply getting the best % of sales from your traffic. It is great to get 1000 visitors a day, but not if you cannot convert sales. The webmaster who only drives in 100 visitors a day but converts 5% into sales is the one doing things correctly, perhaps slower but in the long run will be the big winner when creating any top home based business online .

Just placing some boring and drab sentences and affiliate banners around them is a sure way to get horrible conversions. The better way is to provide great content about the subject and keywords the page is focused on and invite the visitors to visit a great web site hosting company such as Solo Build It! For A Top Home Based Business. Now that is an example of slipping your affiliate sales link within content which makes the visitor intrigued and wanting to learn more. NO garbage pages of horrible content and dodgy looking banner ads!

Now the last thing to think about on day one of starting a top home based business is to not sell to your visitors! You do not want pages of content just saying that a product is great and what color and size it is and buy it now or you will be sorry with a CLICK HERE link. Visitors are looking for relevant and real information. You are going to deliver what they are looking for and "presell" them by keeping the content real and honest so they will value your opinion and want to make the purchase because they feel it is the correct decision.

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