Day 7 - Building A Top Home Based Business Opportunities Through Links

Day seven is all about driving free traffic to the home based business opportunities through the use of important actions. We will look at how to get the free traffic from the search engines and then use a solid linking regime for spreading the word of our theme-based web site.

So far we have built the foundation for a winning web site and began to build a couple pages of content in order to begin the structure of our pyramid. What you have learned so far puts you ahead of 99% of all E-business on the entire Internet and are on your way to be in the top 3% off all successful home based business opportunities .

There is still more to learn though because at this point we have a winning plan for succeeding but our web site is still out in the middle of cyberspace without anyone knowing who or what we are. So now we must go through the process of guaranteeing will get our hands on some of that free traffic from the search engines.

There are other methods of getting traffic to your web site through advertising and Pay-Per-Click models and these can be great ways to draw in some cheap traffic to a web site. These forms of advertising should not be the only forms of traffic to your site. Make sure you go through the following lesson and learn how to get the free traffic that makes your site and income machine.

Working with the search engines and not against them will guarantee you the free traffic needed for home based business opportunities and we already understand that we must build solid content that has been on-page optimized for the search engines. Then we must submit the optimized pages with our great content to these search engines, (Solo Build It! does this automatically as soon as you hit the publish button Home Based Business Opportunities Using Solo Build It!). At this time we should begin working on our next page.

Once we have the page submitted we can monitor what the search engines are doing through our traffic and search engine monitoring tools. Once we see that the spiders have visited we know we are on our way to having our pages indexed. We will continue to monitor to see when our pages have become indexed, this may take roughly take about two months time.

Once indexed we will evaluate the performance of our page and how it is ranking. Through this time we are continuing to work with our keywords and building more pages, optimizing them and submitting them to the search engines. The more content the search engines see coming from your web site the more the spiders will come and the faster your pages will be indexed and ranked. You can train the spiders and the search engines because you are feeding them what they want. Great content focused around keywords is called "spider food" by Internet marketers. My pages for established sites are usually indexed and ranking in a week. Train those spiders by always adding new, quality content that your visitors will love! Once you are over the "thrill" of seeing the spiders come and your pages indexed, focus on the content, there is no need to keep a watch the spiders or indexing once you see it is happening for your home based business opportunities .

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