Day 7 Continued - Building Your Computer Home Business The Right Way

Now we have our site listed in the search engines for our computer home business so our optimized pages of content can be spidered and indexed and sent out onto the web for all those surfers to fine. Great, looks like we are done and our new opportunity is good to go. Wrong! We must learn some more so that we can get better rankings for our web site through off-page optimization techniques. We want those top ten results in the search engines and with our keywords having great profitability it is time to learn how to get them.

If your pages have all passed the "Analyzer" the on-page optimization is done. There is no need to go back tweaking things and thinking you will get better ranking. Never go back to a page and add a bunch more of the keywords after the analyzer is saying "remove 3 keywords," the search engines will throw you further back in the rankings. If you want to go back to a page and add more content or change it for the visitor that is fine. There is no need to keep trying to tweak your pages if the analyzer says each section is fine.

With the information you now have you are way ahead of 99% of your competition because your site is built on a solid foundation and built to succeed. Others are starting their computer home business before they learned properly and have no foundation in which to build to structure properly. Do not get your head wrapped in the thinking that Search Engine Optimization needs everything in the perfect place to rank well. We are already set to rank well and the pages of content are ready to be at the top of the search engine results.

If after some time your site is not ranking in the search, do not give up or get discouraged. Different businesses have different results. Some themes and industries can rank in four weeks and some may take six months to get moving in the search results. Just stick with the plan of building and optimizing your content and getting it out there. This will keep your computer home business growing at all times. Then we need to get some solid inbound links coming to our site as this is a major factor in which the search engines determine ranking pages.

Getting links pointing into your web site can sometimes be a daunting task and most search engines like at least one inbound link to each page. With Solo Build It! they have a great Computer Home Business Tool that makes getting quality links easy, I suggest you click the link and check out their tools for online marketing.Many times just that one link on a highly profitable and well researched keyword will be enough to get a page onto the top ten results of a search. For more competitive keywords it can take many more. There are ways to optimize your links for better results and we will go over this in depth on the next page. There is also a few different ways to get links to your computer home business web site and I will begin to teach you every way I go about the process and get results.

Now it is time to learn off-page optimization techniques that work! Click For Next Lesson

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