Day 7 Continued - Start A Home Based Business The Right Way!

Here are a few tips and different ways to get some inbound links to your new web site and start a home based business the right way.

The "Search It" function is a sort of "all in one tool" for Internet marketing and I am sure after all the times I have mentioned how I use it, you are starting to realize it would be hard to live without when pursuing Internet marketing as a source of income from home. Well once again this tool will help us find great inbound links. We go to Step 1 and choose "inbound link opportunities" Step 2 is the search engine we want to use and then Step 3 we just type in the search term, keyword or topic we are looking for links.

The web site hosting company I use also makes it easy to start a home based business because they have a program called "value exchange" in which webmaster can contact each other with offers of exchanging links. You can check out such tools here Start A Home Based Business Tools You have to sign up for this with the company but I assure you it does not cost a dime. Then you fill out an online form with your site details and site theme and you are exchanging links right away! Whenever surfing the Internet, if you come across a site that you think would be a great link for you send them an email and see if they will place your link on your site. Finding a quality, non-competing web site that can offer a solid inbound link to your site is always worth investigating.

I have stated that I use three pieces of software for my Internet marketing and here is another little tool I use. This is also the most expensive of my arsenal but the cost is not that bad and you get lifetime updates. This is a great tool for building a linking strategy and helps you contact webmasters of related sites to ask if they would be interested in linking to your site. So long as you stick the rules it is fine, but you can't use it as a spam tool.

You can check it out here The Best Software For Getting One Way Links! A quick online search of the company will show you that most Internet marketers do use the software and it receives glowing reviews. It keeps your linking strategy well organized and always moving forward. It was well worth every penny I paid for it. You only need the Arelis link manager and not the business promoter as all those tools come with the web hosting we will be using to start a home based business through a quality web site.

A word on reciprocal linking : You will be held responsible for any links you place on your web site by both the search engines and your visitors. Only link with high quality sites that you think your visitors would enjoy. Any bad linking will make your visitors question your integrity and the search engines to lower your ranking, possibly even penalize you.

Linking is just a way to supplement your ranking in the search engines and build more traffic to your site. No need to rush the process and be frantic. We just want to continue to build great content and add links along the way. This is the best way to start a home based business that works! Stay with the rules and you will do just fine.

Now we will look at some different ways to create a "buzz" about our web sites... Click For Next Lesson

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