Day 7 Continued - Creating Killer Buzz For An At Home Based Business

There are a few other options to look into for creating some great attention towards your at home based business. They may or may not appeal to you and it is your discretion as to if you want to pursue them. I do not use all of them but sometimes will venture into them to see if I can strum up some business.

Online Forums

The online forums can be a great place to spread the word of your at home based business. We want to stick to the forums that are related to the topic of our site and where the visitors are already targeted for us. We do not want to spam the forums with loud and obnoxious posts such as "Check Out My Flower Site!" We want to join the forums and contribute to them with our knowledge and passion. At the end of your posts put a little signature with your web site link such as "My Web site About Everything Flowers!". This will get you respect and long term visitors who will enjoy buying from your affiliates.

Create A Blog

You can create a free blog and write blog posts each day about your sites topics. A blog will allow you to place your site links into each post and get some one way links and new visitors from the blog world. The hosting service I use has a "blog it" tool which does this automatically so I do not have to deal with this area of marketing for an at home based business online.

Social Book Marking

Social book marking is one of the latest revolutions of the Web 2.0 era and may online marketers love it's potential for an at home based business. I am sure you are aware of these sites and what they do. If you are not, they are just sites where the online community can shares their favorite sites. If some people have a large network of friends in which to share your site with then the traffic could be well targeted and come in bunches. The links to your web site will also be counted by the major searches and continue to help your link strategy.

Some of the more popular social book marking sites are:

Yahoo answers are another place to draw some traffic by answering questions and leaving a little link to your web site.

Press Releases

Press releases are considered a great way to get a flood of traffic to your web site and though it is a short blast many may come back to your site again. The key to a great press release is writing something about your site theme that is news worthy. You then use an online company and pay a small fee for them to distribute it to all the news forums and sources on the Internet. This creates a ton of "buzz" for your web site and fast.

These are all the best ways to promote your web site and Solo Build It! has the tools for building an At Home Based Business so click the link and take the video tour for a better understanding. The main thing we want to focus on is our content and our linking strategy. I like the use of article distribution and use that as well for all my web sites as a form of promotion and building one way back links.

The important thing is to keep on course with our main goal of building great content for our web site and getting some links along the way. This is the best recipe for success and you will be seeing results in no time. Be patient and trust the method and lessons I am laying out for you. They work and they will work for you.

Before we move onto day 8 I want to go over how to actually build your links with your keywords.

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