The Exact Method For Starting A Home Business

Do you want to work from home starting a home business and make great income?

Do you know there has to be a real way to make money online?

Have you searched and searched for a legitimate business opportunity only to be let down with false promises?

Well, you came to right place because within this site is the REAL way that online marketers make money from home!

Starting A Home Business can include building and marketing a web site for:

* Affiliate Merchant Sites
* An Online Store
* A Site Which Sells Your Own Products (crafts, books, music, inventions)
* Selling Your Services (House Cleaning, Delivery Service, Painter)

I have been making a solid income online for many years after starting a home business in which I work from my computer a few hours a day. A simple look into the world of affiliate sales will show that there are many people from all walks of life making as much as 10's of thousands of dollars a month by building Theme-Based content sites to sell other company's products online. One of the top sales affiliates for a program I work with makes $60,000 a month just from one site, which is sports related and something he happens to know much about.

The potential for making a solid income online through what is known as Internet Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Affiliate sales or keyword marketing is huge and one that requires NO special computer skills, web design knowledge or IT experience. A matter of fact within a 10 day period I will be able to have you a site up and online and that is the first step to starting a home business that will continue to grow and increase profits over a lifetime, all with minimal work each day.

I personally have done them all and began this journey at the height of the Internet boom knowing that there had to be a way to make good money from home reaching the online world. I began designing T shirts and selling them on Ebay ( I was An Ebay Power Seller for many years). Auction sites were easy because there were many customers to reach, and I did not have to deal with the technology related skills of building a web site and marketing it to get into the popular search engines in order to receive their traffic (at that time in my life it seemed impossible to build my own site and get traffic from the search engines).

I did eventually get tired of the limitations that auction sites provided and the fee's which cut deep into profits, also I was tired of designing and printing my designs, so I built a site and bought T shirts from distributors to sell through a web site. This made me extra money, and I was learning the art of "Internet Marketing" so I began another site to sell my delivery services, which received calls and landed accounts. The next step was to realize selling your own services are tough and making and selling any product is much more work then simply taking the commission for sales from an affiliate program. I decided to focus on what I do, which is driving sales and collect the check. No handling orders, customer service or headaches! From then on starting a home business was possible, even though it took me ten years to perfect it.

I now have the steps for starting a home business down to a 10 day process. Anyone can be up and running with a web site and then each day from then on out you work at your business in order to Increase Traffic each month, which in turn equals more money. QUALITY TARGETED TRAFFIC = MONEY and this is something you will soon learn.

BEFORE we get started through the lesson plans, understand this is NOT a get reach quick scheme, or that you will make tons of money in a month's time. In the beginning, your focus will be getting the site up, getting 30 pages of content onto the site, putting your site map into the major search engines and then working each day to add new content in order to get more traffic. Once you get the first sale you will know you can do this and then just stay on the course, eventually it can and will become your own home business.

I highly recommend you review all the links within this site because these are 100% the way I learned, and what I use for all four of my sites, but first let's look through my simplified plan for starting a home business.

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