Make More Work At Home Money With Better Keyword Analysis

In order to make more work at home money with a web site the best keywords have to be used. Keywords are the primary way in which traffic is obtained from the search engines. Choosing inferior keywords or putting no concern on keywords is a grave mistake. Keywords are a basic part of search engine optimization. Because keywords are the phrases used to locate web pages in the search engines, they can very much be used to a webmaster advantage.

In order to use these search phrases in the best manner think about who your audience is. Spend time thinking about what the web site is trying to carry out. A web site should have a tight theme and pages with topics on the theme should be added often. Finding the keywords that people are using to search the net for the web pages you are creating will bring results. This will assist to make more work at home money with your web site.

Spend time thinking of general keywords that connect to your theme. Think about the terms and phrases people would use to find the information that your site covers. Write all the terms and phrases you think of down on paper or in a word prossesor.Do not try to be perfect with this exercise rather just write down any ideas that come into your head.

Each page of the site can use an individual keyword or phrase to build a topic around. There may be many similar keywords to a topic idea. A webmaster can use each keyword and expand on the topic through different content web pages. For example, a site about New York City hotels may have the keywords New York City hotels, New York City hotel reviews and hotels in New York City. Each of these keywords can be used for a distinctive topic on the same idea. One keyword can be used for basic information on New York City hotels while the other may be about five star hotels in New York City. Understanding what the person using the keyword is looking for from a web page and creating valuable content for them on the keyword will help to make more work at home money.

Keywords are then used in the actual written copy to help get the attention of the search engines. This is the starting phase of search engine optimization or keyword marketing. The keyword should be used mildly in its exact form throughout the text. Never to be overdone. However, as this can be looked at as spam to the search engines. Most top webmasters agree a keyword density of about 2 to 5% is perfect. This comes to be about one keyword per paragraph.

In order to make more work at home money with keywords the page should be optimized further. Used in the header of the page, file name, in a link and the Meta tags as well. Learning how to use a keyword properly is easy to do. A quick study on how to use a keyword properly for these areas of a page can be mastered in a day.

Using keywords to make more work at home money for a web site is a great advantage. 99% of online business fail to use keywords properly. Finding keywords, which refer to your theme and creating valuable content around them brings more search engine traffic. Doing some basic on-page optimization using the exact keyword phrases for the page puts forward even better outcomes. There is also great software that performs these steps even easier for pro's and beginners alike. Make sure to take the full Work At Home Money video tour.

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