Day 2 Of Building Your Work From Home Business

Recap: So far in building a work from home business we discovered that we must provide valuable content to our site in order to draw and build free traffic from the search engines and within the content we will PREsell to our visitors with the use of affiliate links, products or services in which we are knowledgeable in. This is the backbone of our work from home business and this increases our conversion rates leading to a better income.

DAY 2 - The Goal

This is a fun and exiting day because now you will decide on what exactly your site will cover. You must pick out the three ideas and concepts for your work from home business. It is best to pick the top three things that you may know and love. This step is all about the proper preparation to build a online business that is bound for success each day, week, month and year.

What is very important to understand is that the content will be the backbone of the site. Without proper content you in turn receive no visitors and that means no income. Do not make the deadly mistake of trying to make the money before you have the structure in place.

This concept is very simple and goes like this: CONTENT = VISITORS followed by the PRESELL in the content = INCOME

Remember the above, as this is the model you must follow in order to have a winning home business as a webmaster. If this model is followed as I explain your online business will continue to build and the proof will be in the manager tools where you can track your traffic coming from the search engines.

The Steps Towards A Profitable Business:

The next 3 days (2, 3 and 4) will all be to prepare for your success online

Day 2 is all about deciding on your sites overall concept

Day 3 we will do our first "real" webmaster work looking for the most profitable keywords for your site concept and going over the tools you will use to do it.

Day 4 Looks at what affiliate programs, products or services we will be using to draw income from out Niche-Theme Web site.

These are VERY important steps for building a work from home business as a webmaster so remember as we move on, that this planning and research process is of vital importance. Do not feel a need to rush, take your time and make sure you got a site concept you feel exited about and has the potential for making money online. Solo Build It! will provide very tool to make this a reality. You can learn more about all Solo Build It! offers here: The Solo Build It! Work From Home Business

Let's go over more for the day 2 goals and some advice for how to go about achieving them... Click For Next Lesson

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