Day 2 Continued - Time To Decide On The Best Home Business Plan

Now it is time for you to dig deep and figure out the best home business plan. What you want your site to be about and how you will move it forward to be the best home business plan you possibly can. This is a pretty easy step but one not to be overlooked. Think about everything you know about, can write about, enjoy and are fun to do. No need to make this more difficult then it has to be! You want your site to be fun and easy so if you think there is great profit potential for help fixing cars through your site but do not own a wrench look a bit deeper. Trying to do a site on something you know nothing about and do not enjoy will turn into a hard job and this should be fun. The best home business plan will be one you know, love and enjoy.

Let's look at what we need to think about

* What do you find yourself talking about? Music? Politics? Fashion?
* What do you do for hobbies in your life?
* What do you enjoy for fun and excitement?
* What are the talents you feel best about and enjoy the most?

Also try to think about what you have learned in school and on jobs in your life that others may not know! Solving problems is always a great place to think about because you may have answers to those annoying and tedious problems people are searching for online. Think along the lines of topics as well:

* Fashion
* Music
* Books
* Writing
* Entertainment
* Shows
* Travel
* Places
* Dining
* Games
* Government
* Plants
* Gardening

Think about what it is you want to accomplish and can accomplish to build the best home business plan you can!

This may seem like common sense but it is of vital importance, pick the wrong site concept and now all you have is something that requires hard work to accomplish. We are looking to make this fun and easy and the right site concept does just that. Grab a notebook and spend the day thinking ideas in your mind and then coming up with topics and content. If this is difficult for you with the site concept you are trying then move onto something else until it is easy.

Now pick the 3 BEST site concepts that you could come up with. The ones where topics just continued to pour into your head and that you had a ton of content ideas for, this makes picking the best home business plan easy and you will feel confident that you have made the right choice.

Please feel free to take longer then a day on this if need be, the 10 day system is not one to put in stone, rather it is a way to keep the steps for getting you the best home business plan online and in position to succeed with as little work as possible.

Now we will head into day 3 since you should have the 3 site concepts which have you the most exited and you feel you should be able to write great content for week after week. Day 3 will focus on seeing where the profitability is with your site concepts and wether there is a need to broaden them or narrow them down. This will of course be using the art of keyword marketing to see what keywords are available for your site theme and how profitable they are. You may want to check out the video tour which covers in great depth all I will be discussing in this lesson plan: Best Home Business Plan Video Tutorial

So lets move onto day 3 shall we... Click Here For Next Lesson

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