Day 4 on How To Build The Best Home Based Business Opportunity

So by now you should be getting a real good grip on the process of building the best home based business opportunity and realizing that this is something you can and will be able to do. The next stage of the process is to locate the affiliate programs, merchants and advertising options for monetizing your site. There are many options for this such as Clickbank, affiliate programs, Adsence and selling advertising to fellow webmasters. This is all part of the preparation process for setting up a site to make money and truly build the best home based business opportunity.

So far we have covered some of the most important factors in being a webmaster who makes income from home. We discussed how you must build content in order to get traffic and then Presell to the visitors in order to make money. This day is the last day of that process as it is where we will monetize your site. As stated we will set goals for each day, so today we will focus on finding three affiliate programs that fit perfectly with the three site concepts you have from day 3. These must be the best affiliate programs for each site. We do not want to risk damaging our credibility with a bad merchant. We also want the program to be one which is fair in terms of the commissions you will make. Most affiliate programs pay monthly and the commissions can be anywhere from around 2% to 50% depending on what you are selling. The best affiliate programs will indeed help improve the best home based business opportunity.

There are many reasons you want to use a few different income sources for each web site you will create. This is a diversification strategy so that if one sales point does not appeal to a visitor perhaps another will and this will help to secure your business and increasing revenue.

The entire purpose of researching the sources in which we will draw income before actually registering our domain name and going live with a web site is that this process can tell you if one of your web site concepts are to narrow and there are not many ways to draw income through it. We only want the best home based business opportunity and one that is easy and effective.

We want the site concept that has the most profitable keywords and also has the great affiliate opportunities with products that fit our concept that makes money. We want to narrow down the best site concept with the three best chances to make solid profits selling exciting goods related to our theme and of course be in touch with the visitors who will click through to our merchants.

Let's take a look at the affiliate concept in detail so we can build the best home based business opportunity the correct way the first time....

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