Day 4 Continued - What To Avoid When Starting A Home Internet Business

I was ready to go to bed but was exited to finish the home Internet business day four lesson plan for an . I hope everyone who reads this is as exited for this great business opportunity. I have a little secret, when I first started doing this I made all the mistakes that I point out. I really hope everyone takes what I say and runs with it. There are no short cuts for making an income with a home Internet business. It takes work and effort but if you fall into any of the pitfalls of thinking you can take shortcuts or cheat the search engines you will only hand money over to people who are taking advantage and add more time while accomplishing nothing for your business itself.

Most affiliate programs are up to date with the positives I have pointed out. We want a profession program that pays top commissions, has top quality products and real time support all set in place.

There are many things to look at when setting up a home Internet business as an affiliate marketer (I relate everything towards affiliate sales but this same concept will work for selling any product or service). Lets take a look at some red flags to keep on eye on with joining an affiliate program.

We do not want any form of poor support

We do not want any form of unethical conducts

We do not want any failure of payments. Non payments or delayed payment.

We do not want anything related with spam.

We do not want to see any problems when joining the program. Lack of confirmation or support when setting up our program.

We do not want any clause in the agreement that may make you uncomfortable. Look for such clauses as "exclusivity," there is no reason you should be held to only support one program throughout your site.

We do not want to sell any products that are out to take advantage of others. These are common when looking for a home Internet business online and they all provide some sales letter of how easy it is to make $20,000 in sales a day with this "secret traffic tool" or "what the pros don't want you to know". This is all garbage, you now know the truth and have all you need to succeed, or at least you will soon.

More major red flags with affiliate programs are :

Stay away from any form of pay per click payment model. These may have you taken advantage of. Do not confuse this with the option of using pay per click advertising to promote your site.

Be wary of an MLM or Multi-Level Marketing.

Make sure that the program has a nice amount of information about what they are offering. They should tell a little about their company and their plans, as well what your commissions will be.

Watch out for dead links on the company site. Affiliate programs should be tech savvy and dead links represent either laziness or incompetence.

Always watch out for get rich quick schemes and gimmicks that will only upset your visitors after they realize they will not be rich in a week.

It is difficult to look for the stability of an affiliate program financially, but do your best because it would be a shame to build up hundreds of tier 2 affiliates for your home Internet business and then the company goes under.

The next page will cover some tips on how to weed out the bad apples and pick the best affiliate program for your home Internet business. I really wanted to get to bed early tonight but this is the beauty of working on something you know and love, you actually WANT to do it!

Check out all the resources such as the video tour for your Home Internet Business by clicking the link. It will go into great detail of everything covered here in a video presentation.

So lets continue down our path to success... Click For Next Lesson

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