Day 10 - Making Money With A Home Business Opportunity

The day 10 lesson plan will concentrate on how we will make money with any home business opportunity. The foundation has been laid, a solid structure is in place and we understand the need to "presell" and not "sell" our visitors. The focus of this is to build quality content, while gaining links to our site in order to receive free traffic from the search engines. Now that the free traffic is rolling in and you are gaining visitors, as well as gaining credibility and trust from them with great information on the theme. Visitors are coming back to read more great content as you add it to your site and a relationship is building through the marketing efforts of an Ezine, site-blog and other methods we have utilized. The plan is coming to fruition and now it is time to capitalize!

It is time to add income generating programs to our home business opportunity so we can see profits. Our site content should already be focused on the art of "preselling" to the visitors. We will try to diversify the affiliate programs and merchants through the pages of the site for added security. In the previous lesson plan of day four I prepared you by making sure your site concept had the potential to generate income. Today is the day we will cash in those chips and begin to collect that income.

At this point in the lesson plan we should have accomplished a few things.

1) We should have about thirty pages of on-page optimized content on the site.

2) We should have gathered as many links from directories and other web sites as possible. Keeping in mind the goal of trying to get a couple for each page with the exact keyword of the page into the link text.

3) We should be seeing some visitors in our traffic stats. Not hundreds at this point but probably around twenty five or so.

4) We should make sure we are caught up on the above three goals laid out in the previous lessons before moving forward with our home business opportunity.

We always want to keep our eyes on the prize. Through building quality and informative web pages and then optimizing them for the search engines we will get the free targeted traffic. By getting these links with the keyword text into the link pointing to our pages we will increase the traffic and get it snowballing. If the above goals have not been met do not rush to try to make money. Keep the foundation and structure strong or you will only lose money in the end. I have taught you how to capitalize on making the most income through a web site and strongly would advise using the Solo Build It! hosting for any home business opportunity. Solo Build It! supplies everything anyone needs to be a success online! Do not fall in to the group of 99% of online business who fail because of their lack to follow the rules.

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