The 10 Day Process For Building Work From Home Businesses Online

The 10 day process for building work from home businesses is not a set it and forget it plan, but rather a 10 day step by step process to have your new business online and ready to grow each day over the course of time. At the end of the 10 days you will be building an online business and steady income through your content.

*** Let me take this time for a little motivational speaking, VERY few people possess this knowledge and even know people are making full time livings as well as becoming rich doing this. Most people who know me well really still do not believe these work from home businesses exist! I mean they actually do not believe what I do is real or true. For some, this may not be what they want in their business but the fact is to have any business today one needs a web site and the costs of paying a webmaster ton of money for mediocre results is tough for many business owners. It is much easier for companies to use affiliates and pay them a commission on the sales which they bring.

Take this all VERY seriously, as at the end of this 10 day plan you WILL have a web site, and you will be a webmaster who knows EVERYTHING the top affiliate marketers know and exactly how to do it. I want you to get "Pumped Up" for this as it has the potential to change your life the same way it changed mine and there is not a day that goes by that I am not so happy that I read and learned all I am about to teach you. Nothing happens overnight, but if you stay on the course in time you will have an extra side job paying decent money and eventually be in a position to make this your sole occupation if you choose.

Now back to the 10 day plan for building web site work from home businesses...

Each day is going to set a goal, do not feel that you have to accomplish it in a day. If time is tight just work through each section as you feel fit, making sure to absorb what you are doing so it all becomes second nature.

Building quality content is the backbone of any great web site. Visitors go to search engines looking for topics and search engines deliver them to your site if you do things correctly. High Value quality content focused around the correct keywords for your site theme deliver free traffic, and then it is up to you to convert that traffic into income each day. You want your visitors to TRUST you and be happy with the information they received on your site so that they click onto your affiliate link and make a purchase.

A Theme Based Content Site For Winning Work From Home Businesses

Day 1 This will outline the importance of mastering how to "presell" through your content to increase the conversion rate (% of visitors who buy from your links)

Day 2 Developing a site concept that is destined to succeed . What topics do you know? What do you love and what can you provide to readers? Perhaps an entertainment site covering things to do in your city or state? Music lessons online? Gardening tips and ideas... Skies the limit here!

Day 3 Here is where the fun starts! Now we have to pick the best keywords to focus our content around. Picking keywords for a theme site is the meaning of "keyword marketing" and where it all begins. The site I use and you will be using makes this easy as can be. If you want to make a site about "Horse Training Tips" you simply go to the "brainstorm and research" section of the manager tools and in a matter of minutes you will have every keyword, how many people searches for that keyword and even the profitability of that keyword in comparison to the others.

This is the art of keyword marketing, we want to focus on our best chances of getting free traffic. If one hundred visitors per month are searching for the keyword phrase "horse training" but 10 million other sites are trying to score for that keyword the profitability may be too low to succeed for that page. Looking at all the keywords one is sure to locate a phrase such as "great tips for training a horse" and perhaps two hundred people are searching for that phrase and only 3 other sites are using it, making your chances for getting free traffic for that page much more probable.

So to wrap up, day three is when the work from home businesses really starts to roar. You will begin researching the keyword phrases that fit with your site concept and grabbing the ones with the best profitability and chances to succeed. These keyword phrases are what your content will be based on to to start getting that traffic rolling into your new business. Again, with the brainstorm feature in your manager tools, this once hard to accomplish the task can be done in no time at all.

Day 4 This is another back bone to drawing income for your site and when you really will begin to search for the best work from home businesses. You must search for the affiliate programs or merchants you will sell for. Simple searches in a major search engine such as "affiliate programs" or "best affiliate programs" will get you on the right foot. Look for ones with a solid record that have products you feel your visitors will want and can use and these links will be placed on your site to convert traffic into income. I am sure you would like to see the product you will be purchasing to start your work from home businesses so you can take a complete video tour here: Work From Home Businesses Video Tour. See how that works! A nicely placed link to a prospective customer from my site :)

Day 5 Now we are getting somewhere, and it is time to refine what we want to accomplish. Just think things over on how you will take your overall passions and interests and turn them into the highest profit through your site concept.

Day five is also fun because now it is time to create the domain name ( So think about what you want to call your new business, and you will then have it officially registered with no extra costs, the domain is included with the hosting you initially pay to get the site up and running.

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