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Join The SiteSell 5 Pillar Affiliate Program Now!

Want to join one of the best affiliate programs available? The SiteSell 5 Pillar Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate programs available online for many reasons. They provide lifetime commissions for one which means every time a visitors makes a purchase a commission is paid annually if they renew their web site. Because SBI! has the highest success rate in the industry this means that most will succeed and continue to renew their SBI! subscription each year and that means annual income per sale. On top of this each customer is yours for a lifetime and over 50% of SBI! customers purchase more then one SBI! site meaning you get annual commissions for every site the purchase! At $75.00 per sale this provides one of the best affiliate opportunities available online!

The 5 Pillar program also has the best marketing and promotional tools available, it truly is one of the best affiliate programs. A total and complete marketing center with all the information needed to be successful. You have access to and ever growing amount of free tools and resources as well as the ability to link to any landing pages via your unique URL. Also available are videos which can be inserted into your web pages with a simple cut and paste link!

The program allows for full time income for those who wish to aggressively promote SBI! through affiliate sales both on and offline but it also allows for part time growth or for a web site to add a secondary income with little work. This is why SBI! is considered to be one of the best affiliate programs by top Internet marketers.

Getting Started With The 5 Pillar Affiliate Program

The best way for anyone who uses SBI! to bring their business ideas and dreams to life to generate even more income from their traffic is as simple as telling your visitors how you created the web site and how valuable SBI! was for the process. This can be done with a simple section on the menu bar of the site such as an "About Me" section which tells your personal story of how you created a web site using SBI! or a more dedicated section of the site such as "How I Built This Site" or "How To Have A Web Site Business Like This".

The point here is that once visitors come into the site regardless of the theme they may wonder how they could start a web site like yours which is of such great quality. They will naturally think that they do not have the means, skills or education needed to get involved with a web site business but once you explain how your were able to do it and they see all the SBI! provides at one risk free low cost many will give SBI! a try and that means an extra revenue stream coming from your site! Not just any extra revenue stream but the BEST revenue stream available online, one which pays lifetime commissions for any sales coming from your affiliate links. Once you concert a sale for SBI! that customer is yours for life and if they purchase 10 SBI! sites over time you will get $75.00 for each sale made as well as every time the renew their sites each year and that creates one of the best affiliate programs available anywhere!

I would advise that once you have your site designed, live online, 30 pages of content and the web site submitted to the search engines as part of the plan that you then devote one section of the site accessible from the navigation menu for promoting SBI!. All this has to be is one page which tells your personal experience of how you were able to create your web site business using SBI! and use some videos which best relate to your experience. Use your affiliate URL's to send the interested visitors to the sample web sites of other SBI! users and all the free tools available. Also send them to check out the Risk-Free trial of SBI!

The SiteSell 5 Pillar affiliate program also has a quick an easy way to promote SBI! from every page you create for your site via the Block Builder function. This allows you to choose a SiteSell promotional text or graphic block and insert it into any page of your site or every page of your site. Most SBI! affiliates choose to place a small graphic at the bottom of their page which promotes SBI! and send them to one of the leading promotional pages, these graphics and links when clicked on are automatically credited to your affiliate account. This means that just by adding a small block at the bottom of your pages and when visitors click on them and join SBI! you are credited with the sale. These easy to use promotional tools are what makes SiteSell one of the best affiliate programs available! Once you have a web site up make sure to check out the Text Link and the Graphic Link options that are available in the Block Builder for every page you create!

If you are looking to use the SiteSell 5 Pillar Affiliate Program as the sole means of income through online and offline marketing or to create a secondary lifetime income by promoting SBI! on your web sites for visitors who may be interested on starting their own business the SiteSell 5 Pillar program will meet and exceed your needs! JOIN One Of The Best Affiliate Programs Now!

Join SiteSell's 5 Pillar Affiliate Program
Earnings: $75 Per Sale
Tiers: 2
Method Of Payment: Check
Pay Date: Bi-week or monthly
Min Payout: $100
Description: Considered one of the best (The Best To Many!) affiliate programs on the net! Earn $75 per sale and lifetime commissions for a subscription and $150.00 for selling any Sitesell services. Most who purchase an SBI! site will order others and commissions are collected for renewals. A two-tier program allows for making money from affiliates who have signed up under you. Loaded with resource and marketing tools assuring success the 5 Pillar program is one of the best affiliate programs available. Many are able to use the marketing tools and make money offline with this program. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who is starting an SBI! site to join this right away. Create an "About Me" page on your site menu and tell visitors how SBI! made it possible for you to start an online business. Every SBI! site I know regardless of theme sells SBI! products because a great product sells itself! make sure to join the 5 Pillar program and make great income through one of the best affiliate programs ever to be created!

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