Day 4 Continued - How To Make Sure We Only Pick Good Merchants For Our Work From Home Business Opportunity

Now that we know what to look for and what to avoid in an affiliate program for our work from home business opportunity we will look at how to go about narrowing down our list to the best of the best programs to draw income from. Once we have gathered our top affiliate programs that we feel comfortable with we can do a little deeper check to make sure all is good.

There is a site called which is more or less a site that webmasters use to keep track of rankings and traffic stats for all sites online. The site provides great resources for webmaster with a simple click and once again we will use the "Search It" tool in are arsenal of tools we get from the Solo Build It! Work From Home Business Opportunity. We can use Alexa by going to "popularity" in step one of this tools and then "Alexa Ranking" in step two, then we simply type in the URL of the affiliate programs we have gathered. This will give us the companies site stats and an idea of how popular they are as well as their competitors in which we may find new merchants to partner with. Alexa will be a nice tool to use for starting your work from home business opportunity.

This all may seem like it is becoming a bit much to absorb but it all becomes second nature and after you reread everything again and begin accomplishing each days goals it will be a snap, I promise. Think of it this way, I plan on having this site up and running in two weeks with all the information you are reading.

Starting a work from home business opportunity is not about making money for doing nothing, it is about making money doing what you love.

Using PageRank To Value A Merchant

Looking at Google PageRank is another way to verify the success of a merchant. PageRank or PR is a 0 through 10 scale devoted to every page of a web site. 0 being the worst score (well actually a gray bar being the worst) and 10 being the best. Google uses an algorithm based on incoming links to the page as part of the valuation of the rank. No need for anything technical here, the point is check the PageRank of the merchant site, it will give you a clue as to the success of the company and the products. A PageRank of 5 or more is considered successful in Internet marketing. Of course don't just throw away your favorite programs if they are under 5, this is just a way to quick check on the company you are researching.

Here is a page with a PR of 4 from my Google toolbar on my browser. The PR rank on the toolbar shows the PageRank of every page I look at on the Internet. I guess it is an Internet marketing thing, but I love to see the PageRank of every site I go to.

The "Search It" tool again makes this easy to do if you do not have a toolbar with PageRank. Just go to "popularity" in step 1, Google PageRank in step 2 and type in the sites domain into step 3. There are other options for building work from home opportunities and drawing income through a web site other then affiliate programs. Of course you can stock and sell your own products from distributors, or your own products you make or even sell a service.

As I have stated, I have done them all and prefer affiliate sales for the low risk and little hassles, as well as the extremely low start up costs. There are a few other ways to draw income from your web site, that are not affiliate programs but just as or almost as easy such as using advertising.

Well I really wanted to get to bed after this page of lessons but let me go ahead and tell you about the other models which can help you draw more income from your work from home business opportunity.

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