A Deeper Look At Day 4 And Building The Best Home Business

Here is a look at what I use in the managers tools of the host for all my sites for the best home business web sites:

See how it shows the keywords, the demand, the supply and the profitability for each keyword. If you were to type "horse training" into the search it would put up a list of every keyword related to horse training and then if you click the "profitability" link it would organize them all in order of the most profitable to build the best home business. To the right you see the category for each keyword called "monetize" and if you click that you will have a little notepad where you can store the best affiliate programs you found for that keyword, as well as the join page address and the types of products they sell. The host I use for my Internet home business is by far the best and these are the types of tools that do not come with any other web hosts. This product is catered to the Internet marketer and keeps everything moving fast and well organized. I would never build any of my sites with anyone else even though I have enough web design skills to do so. I suggest you take a look at all the Solo Build It! offers in their video tour of Best Home Business Web Hosting by clicking the link. They provide a 30 day risk-free trial so you can try out their product and work on the 10 day plan risk free.

We want to repeat this process for every keyword in our keyword master list, starting with the most profitable ones, as this will build the best home business automatically. We also want to broaden out with our keyword topics for our Internet home business. Horse training was a great start for my site, but let me broaden more with just the term "horses" or "training colts" and "training stallions".

With the rise of affiliate marketing and the benefits for companies to drive more sales and make more money through the use of affiliates, a company was born named Clickbank and there are over 10,000 digital products in which affiliate marketers can sell on their web sites. The commissions for these can be as high as 75%! This is a sort of marketplace for people with products to sell and handles the affiliate programs for them. They are reliable and accurate and the account set up is free and simple. Many affiliate marketers use Clickbank for their affiliate programs and it may be well worth a look to help build the best home business.


There are other affiliate networks as well and may be worth checking out:


Basically what these companies do is run the affiliate program for a company and then they list the companies who use them. So the lists are all very reliable companies in which to join their affiliate program. They are a third party who handles the relationship between the affiliate marketer and the company selling the products. They are worth looking at to see if perhaps they have a great program for you to partner with. You can also look for affiliate programs for the best home business in a few other ways but I am sure you get the idea by now and I think you have enough to work on for now. Identifying the best affiliate programs for each of our keywords which will become topics for the quality content in order to draw in traffic and presell our affiliate products to our visitors is what day four is all about. Remember your goals for this day. We want to locate and identify the top three affiliate programs that fit into our site concept and will use the methods outlined to locate them. Then we will save our top programs into are site details next to each keyword we will be using to build our content around. This is the monetize process of getting the best home business ready to go live and be in position to succeed.

The possibilities are endless for building the best home business and on the next page we will look at things to avoid in picking out an affiliate program.

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