Day 4 Continued - How To Make Money With A Internet Home Business

Affiliate marketing for an Internet home business is the art of using the Internet in order to attract targeted traffic in which you can sell products and services to make an income. Affiliate programs are very easy to locate and almost all business and companies use affiliates today. The commissions in which they pay can be very competitive and what we look for in setting up our Internet home business.

There are products to sell for almost any niche out there. A great place to look is as they have many different products you can sell and begin to get ideas. The best way to locate possible partners and merchants is just use a search engine and the main keyword of your site concept with the word affiliate after such as, "horse training affiliate" or "horse training affiliate program" another great place to look at is the Yahoo directory. There is a high annual fee to be listed in this directory, so most of the business in there are all solid companies who will have an affiliate program. Here is the address:

Notice how the left hand side is loaded with topics. This is also a great way to search for ideas to come up with a site concept or see if perhaps there is another site concept you have not though of for your Internet home business. Typing the keyword "horse training" into the directory search gives me some web sites to look over and contact in order to sell advertising space on my site or to contact and see if they offer a an affiliate program. Most sites that provide affiliate programs will have a link on the bottom of the homepage saying "affiliates".

There are many Affiliate directories online and these are great places to get Internet home business ideas. Affiliate directories are simply a listing of different affiliate programs for different products and themes. I have done my best to provide one on this site. I have searched for all topics and included what I consider some of the best affiliate programs for each. You can locate it on the affiliate directory button on the site menu. Solo Build It! has a great free tool called "Search It" and makes doing all of this easy as can be. Here is a look at this amazing tool:

Solo Build It! provides many amazing tools for online marketing all included in the hosting costs! You can view a list and explanation of all the tools here: Amazing Internet Home Business Tools!

Under step one there is a monetization option you would choose and then in step two you would pick the "find affiliate programs at Google" , then in step three you would type in your keyword term such as "horse training" This will give you a great list of affiliate programs and it is best that you go through the top ten listed or if aggressive perhaps twenty. Take the top sites that appeal to you and add them to your list of possible partners. Make sure to add the "join page" and also make a note of what type of products they sell.

So far we have learned on some of the ways to find potential partners for our Internet home business and on the next section of day four we will look at some more ways to find great partners and monetize our site.

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