Day 4 Continued - A List Of Legitimate Home Business Ideas

Starting An Online Store

Another popular way of creating a legitimate home business is through an online store which can make great income from home. This would involve the selling of hard goods from your web site which perhaps you make yourself or have a distributor you can buy from. The downside to this is you need the overhead to purchase the goods and must deal with customers, which means the added work of customer service.

You will have to most likely package and ship the products, deal with returns and set about a shopping cart into your site. Setting up a shopping cart is actually very easy to do and the hosting service I use has this set up in no time at all with no skills required, make sure to check out all that Solo Build It! provides for a Legitimate Home Business by clicking the link. A shopping cart is just a program that allows the customers to pick the products, quantities and pay online for them. A merchant account will also be needed so you can accept credit cards. Failure to accept credit cards will have a negative impact on the legitimate home business.

Is It Time To Move Ahead?

Now it is time to look at everything and see if we are comfortable with our site concept and affiliate programs so we can draw an income through our legitimate home business. Were you able to come up with a ton of highly profitable keywords to write content around for all your site concepts? Did one of your three site concepts stand out amongst the others for having profitable keywords and great merchants in order to set up affiliate programs with? Can you set up multiple streams of income for the site concept through multiple affiliate programs and other models such as Adsence.

If all three of your concepts where unable to accomplish this you may want to go back and broaden your concepts or if everything seemed a bit to much narrow your theme down a little. No need to cover every great artist ever to pick up a brush, perhaps focus on only one style of artists or a certain time period of art that you enjoy.

Do not feel that you need to work your site concept to death. We want it to work and work well, but all we need is a concept that you know something about, can write about, has many highly profitable keywords to use and has great affiliate programs that can create multiple streams of income for the legitimate home business.

At the same time let's not get ahead of ourselves and rush into a bad site concept just to get going. Take the time to feel good about what you are doing and the rest of the process for a legitimate home business will be easy. You should be able to feel when it is right and you have all you need to create a great online business through the topics we have covered so far.

A quick recap of our goal for day 4: Search the online resources for high quality partners using such tools as affiliate directories, Search It! tool, Alexa and the search engines so that we can draw multiple streams of income from our web site.

Now we are on to day five where we will look to refine our site concept and register the domain name. This is it now, soon we will be heading live online and your business will really be ready to take off!

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