Other Ways To Draw Income Starting A Home Based Business


This form of advertising made starting a home based business much easier and for awhile many where making easy money. Pay-Per-Click advertising took off on the Internet and marketers loved it. The problem is that it all became a bit saturated. After heavy bidding to keep top positions, the costs outweighed the profit. I do not know much about business but I do know your costs cannot overtake your gross profits.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a form of advertising in which a company will create an ad and the search engines place the ads in their search. The companies bid on the keywords they want to use such as paying $1.00 per click for the term "horse training" and for the number one position. Now every time someone types in "horse training" into the search engine my ad is in the top sponsored listing. Of course at anytime someone can out bid me for $1.01 and put me into the second position. Many webmasters still use PPC for starting a home based business with great success.

Adsence Advertising

Google has a program called "Adsence" and as a webmaster you can sign up and place the code into your sites pages. These will be triggered by your keywords for the page and advertisements will show up from companies who advertise through the program. Every time someone clicks on an ad from your page you will receive a profit. Every keyword has a different price, some keywords sell for a dime and some for $10.00. Adsence is a great way to draw extra income from your site and a cinch to set up. I usually use Adsence for different ideas I have to expand my site which I cannot find a good affiliate program for. It is nice to get a check from Google once a month.

Referral Programs

You may also want to look into a referral program or the classic "finders' fees" in which you can get paid a commission for sending a company business. This works great for offline businesses who are not web savvy and you may even be able to go around to all the local businesses in your area to see if they would be interested in your services.

A matter of fact this is a neat idea and a great idea for a site. Create a local site for your city or town and go to local businesses looking to sell advertising. You can write pages for each business and make it a local online magazine for your town. As I am writing this I may have just come up with my next web site concept and way of starting a home based business. You just got to love knowing how to do this web marketing stuff!

Selling A Service

As I have stated a few times, selling a service works very well. If you are already established as a local plumber or hairstylist these skills will only grow your business ten fold. You will soon be asking how customers found you and they will say "from your web site". If you are not established think about a service that you can provide. I did a delivery service in my early days and was getting calls from Fortune 500 companies looking for a local courier.

Network Marketing

Network marketing is a neat concept and great for starting a home based business. You can use the power of the Internet to have the calls come pouring in. So many companies spend so much time sending out flyers and mail marketing which is just cold selling. No matter how much you have targeted your market most of this literature is put in the trash or hamster cage. People are busy and when they want something they look for it. Nothing beats the warm calls coming to you from someone searching for something that you provide.

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