Day 4 Continued - Make Sure You Build A Legitimate Home Based Business

When starting a legitimate home based business there are a few positive and negative things to look for to keep the web site safe as possible.

A merchant offering an affiliate program should have a nice, clean web site that appears to sell the products in an effective manner .

The products should be of high quality as this is your reputation on the line. You do not want to sell garbage to your visitors as you want them to come back and always leave happy.

The affiliate links they provide should offer versatility. Just being able to link to a homepage is not good. You want to be able to link directly to the individual pages of the products you are selling. This will increase conversion rates and keep the customers in a warm mood for buying. Having to click a link and navigate another site for the product you want can only hurt sales.

Make sure how the payment model is set up. You want to be involved with pay-per-sale and pay-per lead. This is true performance marketing and makes sure you get paid for exactly what you deliver. Be skeptical of any other forms payment model. We want to keep your legitimate home based business as profitable as possible.

Make sure the affiliate program has support. Most good affiliate programs have great support, but just be sure you can log into your account and check the accounting in real time. They should be up to date on technology involved with affiliate partnerships and be accurate and reliable. Most good programs will assign an affiliate manager to you for any support needed.

Make sure that the commissions are great! We want to make money with our legitimate home based business so look for programs that pay a 10% commission or more for hard goods. Digital products such as Ebooks have much higher commissions and look for 20% on such programs. Many digital goods have commissions as high as 75% and great conversion rates as well.

Try to only be involved with programs that pay lifetime commissions. These are more difficult to locate but is becoming more common as of late. Why be involved with a program that only pays for one sale when you could get paid throughout your life for repeat business?

Two tier commissions are a great way to let your marketing become viral. A two tier commission scale means that if any affiliate marketers join your partners program through your site you will receive a commission for any sales that they make! Think about that for a second and let it sink in. Make sure to know exactly how long the "cookie" that tracks your sales lasts. If a customer clicks through to your partners site, how long do you have to make the sale? One months? 1 year? A lifetime? Make sure you know the answer to this!

Getting Paid From Affiliate Programs

A monthly pay schedule and a reasonable minimum that must be made to receive your first check. Most programs pay every month and some pay every two weeks. The minimum means that if they have a $100.00 minimum you must wait until you reach the amount to be sent a check. If on your third month you get a sale that brings you over the $100.00 point your check will be sent out that month. Just make sure the amount is not crazy, anywhere from $25.00 to $200.00 is reasonable.

When running a legitimate home based business these are some of the most important positive factors to look for in an affiliate program. You can read more on affiliate marketing from my free Ebook here Legitimate Home Based Business Through Affiliate Marketing. Just left click to read or right click to save.

Now lets go to the next page and look at the more important factors. The negative things to look for in a program! Shall we.... Click Here For Next Lesson

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