Day 7 Continued - The At Home Internet Business That Grows

Now we will look at some more of the tools we can use for our at home Internet business which will make this process quick and easy. Once again the web hosting that I use for all my sites is loaded with tools to make this all as painless as possible, especially for beginners. Most of what I am outlining in my lesson plan would be difficult for me to even accomplish on a daily basis and I probably would be able to only webmaster one site.

Every time we build a page of content we will add it to our template and do our on-page optimization for our at home Internet business. Then we will check the page with our analyzer tool till it is perfect and just what the search engine want. Once all is fine we just click the "build it" button and the "WordSubmitter" of the hosting software automatically "pings" (notifies) all the major search engines that our page is live. They will then send their spiders to visit and the Wordsubmitter will also create a site map file for your web site that the search engines can easily find.

The "SpiderWatcher" feature continues to monitor the process of each major search engine and lets us know when they have visited and taken our page to the database to be indexed. You will be kept up to date for every visit by every spider and the exact dates they have visited. If a page is ever dropped from an index the Wordsubmitter will automatically resubmit the page without lifting a finger! All the tools for your at home Internet business are automatic and simple to use.

With your pages now in index of all the major search engines we want to see how our pages are ranking in each of them. The keyword ranking report in the manager tools will let you know the exact rank of each page and keyword of that page. The keyword searches report of the tools will let you know the searches which have found your pages and the number of times they have found them. Keeping you in touch with how you rank each day for your keyword focused pages.

Once again the web site hosting service I use for my at home Internet business makes everything as easy as possible and saves me a ton of time. I am always on top of exactly what I am doing and how my web site is performing. There is no need to monitor the search engines often, but in the beginning it may be fun for you. I probably look at my stats once a month for about a half hour review. I know and understand that getting the optimized content up and running is the core of my at home Internet business and this is where my attention is focused.

I suggest you take a look at all the tools Solo Build It! supplies me and they are all in the initial cost of the package, which is about $30.00 a month. At Home Internet Business Tools You Cannot Live Without!

Time to learn how we submit our web site to the search engines... Click For The Next Lesson

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