Day 7 Continued - How To Build Links For An Online Home Based Business Opportunity

So far we have discussed online home based business opportunity linking ideas,the fact that we want to get quality and related inbound links for our web site and now I will show you how to build the links in a proper manner.

When we create a hyperlink we use HTML code or "tags" in order to make them live. I have said you need no special skills for becoming an professional Internet marketer and this may be the only special skill you need for the online home based business opportunity. Although I use a few HTML codes for my sites, I will write a tutorial on HTML for beginners for this web site. Besides the linking tag you may want to know how to place images in your site with the < IMG SRC="" > tags and some formatting tags such as < CENTER > (Centers Text) , < B > (Makes Text Bold) , < HR > (Makes A Divider Line) and < H1 > (Creates Large Header Text). These are all the tags I ever really use.

A hyper link is create with this code : NOTE - I have placed a space between the <> and the code so that the link does not go live, make sure to not place the spaces between the <> and the code!

< A HREF="" > < /A > And that is it! All you do is place the URL or web site address between the "" in the first part of the tag and the text to be click on in between the > < like this:

< A HREF="" >Click Here< /A >

When you place this code into your web site page the link will be live. Visitors can click on the "click here" and be sent to the site page you placed in the code. I suggest you practice this one code till it become second nature. The ability to create hyperlinks through HTML code is about as tech savvy we have to become.

Make sure to always add the anchor after the text , as the anchor is what closes the tag.

Creating Links With Keyword Text

When trying to get inbound links to our web site for our online home based business opportunity we want to follow some basic but important rules.

We want our keywords in the link text at all times! We do not just want a link text of "click here" or "check out my site" or even "check out , we want the link text to have our keywords directly placed in the link. If we are working on a page around the keyword "fly fishing" then we want to get that keyword into the link.

The link could simply read like this:

To visit an exiting site that has every bit of information on < A HREF="the web site address of your page" >Fly Fishing"< /A > available just click the link!

Another important rule to remember is that we always want to use a different link text when getting a links for a page of our web site. The above link could be one inbound link we have gotten for our web site but the next time we are able to place a link for our site we want to change it up.

< A HREF="the website address of your page" >Fly Fishing Resources Online< /A > A great site that is loaded with resources and information about fly fishing by a self proclaimed expert over the last twenty years!

The rule is simple and basic here, always get your keyword into the link text for the page and keyword you are working on, but make sure not to always just use the keyword itself. This will look spammy and unnatural to the search engines and we want our links to always look natural so it appears we are not out trying to get links to increase our rankings.

This is another technique that will help your online home business opportunity grow in the right direction and this will become second nature for you after some practice. Just stick the rules for linking properly and you will reap the rewards of traffic pouring into your web site.

I suggest you spend a little time now making sure you can create a hyperlink and that you completely understand the concept of always getting your keyword into the link text using different related words to make each link a little different then the last. Solo Build It! has great resources for link building for a Online Home Based Business Opportunity so just click the link and learn more!

Well that concludes day 7 and I know it was a lot of information to absorb, but really that is everything you need to know to become a successful Internet marketer. You know what all the top marketers know and exactly how they do it! You also know what 99% of the online home based business opportunity world does not know which gives you every chance to create a solid income through an online home based business opportunity. You should be excited for the new adventure in your life and take time to contemplate everything you have learned. You were searching for a way to work from home and start a business and you now have every tool and all the knowledge to make it work.

Now we will move onto day 8... Click For Next Lesson

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