Day 7 Continued - Home Based Business Marketing In The Directories

There are some basic rules we want to follow for home based business marketing online before submitting our web site to the major and minor online directories.

We always want to make sure we have at least twenty pages of content on our sites. It would be better to wait till you have around thirty solid pages of quality content. Anything less then this amount is most likely to get rejected for insufflate content. This includes the pay directories as well. It would be very annoying to be paying to get into directories and then being rejected for your home based business marketing efforts as they will usually not refund money if you submitted without reviewing the guidelines.

After all these are human edited and they spend a lot of time. Make sure to follow the exact guidelines each directory has. Most times when you are submitting to them the requirements are listed on the same page. There are not many rules to follow for home based business marketing. Most may want only your homepage and no "deep linking," meaning you cannot link to internal pages of your web site. One of the major rules that will get you rejected is not submitting to the correct category.

It may be wise to submit to all the directories before you put affiliate links or advertising on your site. Most directories like non-commercial sites and it will be easier to get listed this way. Once you have the thirty pages up submit to the directories and then add your income model such as affiliates or sponsored advertising programs. An example of this is the Yahoo directory, for commercial sites they will charge a fee of $299.00 per year. If your site is non-commercial when you submit you may get in for free.

If your site is rejected by a major directory do not worry about it. Work on your site some more and keep adding content. Home based business marketing takes time, try to resubmit your site a month later and in a different category which by that time should be reviewed by a different human editor. The major directories can be tough to get into but the second tier ones are a dime a dozen and we will get many links from them. The main major directories are Yahoo, Google and DWOZ so you can try your luck with these first.

Here is a neat site which has some of the best second tier directories all listed in order of importance. You should definitely do some home based business marketing and submit to all of them in the correct category.

Free Directory Links

I use a neat piece of software I bought that has over 3000 directories and makes it a snap to submit to them all. Whenever I begin a site I submit to as many directories I can as long as they have a category that fits with my site.

This software is a major time saver because you load your site information into the program and it automatically submits for you. The price is not very expensive and it may be worth it for you.

Solo Build It! also has many great resources for directory links and a forum, which people post directories to get links from. You can check out all the tools and take a full video tour here Home Based Business Marketing Tools

Check it out here Get 1000's Of One Way Links In Days!

I only use three pieces of software that don't come with the web hosting service I use and they are all inexpensive.

You can also do some searches for local directories of your area or directories that only catered to the theme of your web site. This is a great way to take advantage of "low hanging fruit" and advance your home based business marketing.

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