Day 7 Continued - Submitting Your Perfect Home Based Business To The Search Engines

Submitting your perfect home based business web site to the four major search engines is a major step in our process. Waiting around and hoping they find us will just waste time. Do not think you need to go out for one of these "submit your site to 1000 search engines," there are only four major search engines that will deliver about 95% of your free targeted traffic.

We can submit our sites homepage URL to each search engine through their submission page:





Once we submit our site to the major search engines we must sit around and wait for them to visit and index the pages. You know what I am going to say here, keep building content for your perfect home based business web site. We can tell when a search engine spider has visited because they have funny little names. Google calls their spider the "Googlebot" and Yahoo has named their's "Slurp", hey I told you they were funny. You can see if they have come by in your log files. If a spider has visited your site then they are aware of you and the site is most likely in qu for indexing.

The indexing process can take about two months. Do not keep submitting thinking it will speed things up, it will likely get you banned. Just submit your homepage and in about six weeks keep your eyes open in the search engine monitoring tools. If eight weeks go by and still nothing you can try to resubmit your web site but make sure you follow each search engines guidelines.

Solo Build It! uses "Wordsubmitter" to create a site map for an entire site. Every time a new page is added and then published Solo Build It! automatically updates the site map for the search engines. The search engines will have your site map and whenever a change is made to the site all the search engines will be instantly notified. Manually creating a site map and updating it is very time consuming and this is just another feature of Solo Build It! that makes me a lifelong customer. Site map creation requires some tech savvy skills and many webmasters do not even use them, they just hope that the search engines will find their web pages. Having all the major search engines know exactly when new pages have been added or edited is a great advantage. I suggest looking at the video tour I have added which will show you more about the automatic site map feature! The Perfect Home Based Business Site Map Creator!

The early stages of building a web site for a prefect home based business is a slow process wether you invest no money into it or thousands. Just stay with the game plan of building more content and getting in bound links (we will talk about in depth later) to get your site established with the search engines. Once your pages begin to show up in the search engine database you are on your way to delivering your quality pages to all the eager web surfers looking for the content and that free, targeted traffic will start to come in. Your perfect home based business is on it's way to success.

Well not so fast, let us look at what else we need to do... Click For Next Lesson

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