Day 7 Continued - Creating "Buzz" For Home Internet Businesses

The idea of getting links to our web sites to create home Internet businesses is not to get traffic from the links themselves. We are not hoping that people will click on the links from directories and web sites and come to our site and buy. We are trying to increase our online popularity with the search engines and continue to improve our rankings. this will bring us more traffic and more income. Great content can spread around the Internet fast so these techniques are to be focused on once we have over fifty pages of great content to spread around.

Article Marketing

A great method for getting "buzz" and links for home Internet businesses is to participate in article distribution. This is a well known method used by many Internet marketers because of it's effectiveness. Most Internet marketers use this as their only way to gain links and spread to word of their web sites. It is a great way to build your home Internet businesses fast with little work. The results are considered to be the best effort one can make when marketing their web site.

I use this technique as well and it is my main marketing method. I have a software to make the process easier and quick with little hassles in the day. The art of writing articles and distributing them to "article directories" will get you a ton of one way links and also will get you traffic from the webmasters who use your articles in their Ezines and on their web sites. The article directories they are hosted on will also bring you in traffic to the home Internet businesses.

The idea is that you will write an article for each and every page of content that publish on your site. This article will be used to spread the word of your page and get back links for the page as well. The article will be based on the same keywords that the page you are trying to promote is. The article will be set up the same way as well as far as on-page optimization. It will have the keywords mixed in the content and a header or title. At the end of the article will be an "author bio" where you can tell a bit about yourself and place a link to your site. You will then place this article into as many article directories as possible and if anyone wants to use the article for their web site or Ezine they will have to place your link as well. You can already see how article distribution gets you a bunch of links and traffic for your home Internet businesses, and fast!

There is one important factor here! The article must be on the same topic and based on the same keywords your web site page is, but it must be a completely different page of content. Search engines monitor the web for duplicate content and you do not want your web site content on any other pages of the Internet. This is not a loose rule, it is to be upheld at all times! Make your article for distribution completely different then your web site page you are promoting. You may want to distribute two articles a week to all the article sites in order to promote your pages. Do a different page of your web site content each time, there is no need to promote a page twice.

I know what you are thinking, how do I find these article sites to distribute my article to. Just like directories there are hundreds of them and some major ones we want to make sure we submit to. You can just look in the search engines for "article directories" or "article sites"

I use a piece of software for my home Internet businesses and it is my third and final weapon in the Internet marketing process. It is called 'Article Post Robot" and though there are a few different versions of this type of software, it contains a list of about 500 article sites and a template to place your article in. It has the bio box to place the link and the header. You just place the article into the software and hit the button and in about an hour your article is placed all over the Internet for all those hungry web publisher to grab and use. The cost of the software is inexpensive and the time it saves you is invaluable. The creator of the software updates it often with new article sites and it stays up to date. I spent a lot of time researching the article distribution software I wanted and felt this one was by far the best.

If interested check it out here The Best Article Distribution Software Ever! The time of searching for article sites and manually placing your articles into each one can be very time consuming and boring. With this software you just write your articles and blast them to every quality article site online. It also posts your articles to the online groups that look for articles from authors which is a great bonus and one less thing you have to do for your home Internet business.

You can also read many articles in the Solo Build It! forums which talk about different ways to get links for a web site such as article distribution and other methods. make sure to check out all the Home Internet Businesses Resources that Solo Build It! provides by clicking the link.

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