Day One Is About Thinking Of An Easy Home Based Business To Create

If you create a site about guitars for an easy home based business and about playing guitar then a visitor types in "Best Inexpensive Beginner Acoustic Guitars" and they find you through a search engine, think about what they want. This is key to the success of an online web site business. Do they want a picture of some cheap guitar with some sentences saying what wood it is made of, the size of it, the color and the shipping information with a BIG banner flashing buy me before it is to late? NO!!! They are using the Internet to research and learn on this new topic and hobby, the are looking for some information to help them make a better decision and this is where your knowledge and skills turn into income!

If your page talks about how when you began playing guitar you purchased half a dozen horrible guitars and now your tips are going to help the beginner guitar player get a great first guitar at a great price by looking at the following things. Then within that content you will be telling the visitor to check out some of your favorite "Inexpensive Beginner Acoustic Guitars" and thanks to your help they will make a purchase they feel comfortable with and you will collect the commission and continue to do so with more and more sales as you add content in this manner, targeting profitable keywords and preselling with fun, quality useful information on the topics you know and love. This is the whole secret to building a real easy home based business the right way.

Are you starting to get it? This is VERY real and many people are doing this to create their own easy home based business everyday. We are creating quality content that presells to our visitors in order to collect and income from home working with topics we love and know. The important part of this day is just to sit back on what you learned. Get exited thinking about what you can write on and what you can sell online. Think about the avenues you want to pursue and in the next days you will have the entire site theme in place with all the keywords you need to use to create the content around day after day.

SEO, keyword marketing, Internet marketing and so on is not rocket science and does not require any training, schooling or special skills but it is work and does require dedication. NOBODY just puts up a web site and a week later is pulling 10 grand a month, but each month of doing this, traffic will increase and so will income. Right now is about understanding the concept and what you will be required to do to succeed.

NEXT is day two and from here on out I am going to give you goals for the day, again it is not mandatory that you do everything to the day if time is tight. The important thing is that we stay on target and get you a web site up and running in the search engines as soon as possible. Day two will be a fun one because this is where we will come of with your site concept so if you want to jump ahead a bit just start thinking of three different ideas for a site you can write great information on. Is is car repairs? Or perhaps vegetarian cooking? Music? Dining? Travel?

The fun is about to begin so think positive! In 10 days you are going to have web site that is ready to bring in steady income and be the best easy home based business you could have found! I would recommend also checking out the video tour, sample sites and case studies of the web hosting I use for my Easy Home Based Business by clicking the link!

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