Day 3 Continued - A Deeper Look At Building An Internet Home Based Business

Now you are starting to see exactly how people make money through an Internet home based business and what is involved in doing so. Once you have all your brainstormed keywords into you master keyword list you have the blue print for your site. You must spend the time to look at the site information column and use it to find great content ideas and merchants who you can sell goods for as an affiliate. Another great idea is to see if you can locate any advertisers or webmaster who may want to pay to advertise on your new Internet home based business web site.

Here is a link to a video showing exactly how the brainstorm function of the tools works. You will realize that all this involves is typing in your keyword such as "Horse Training" and the tool will deliver to you in minutes every related keyword, the supply, the demand, the profitability and the top sites using the keyword. This is seriously cool stuff that saves so much time and really lets you get great ideas for your Internet home based business concept and the best keywords to build your content around.

Check out the video tour here: Internet Home Based Business Tour!

Neat Huh? Trust me.... I cannot and will not live without that! It takes weeks of work and turns it into minutes and when running an Internet home based business that is vital!

So looking over your master keyword list you will then focus on the keyword which have the highest demand and the least supply. This combination will make all your efforts much more easy as it eliminates competition and gets you more traffic. Being on the last pages of a search engine for a competitive term is not the goal. We want to be in the top 3 pages of a search engines and get some of that vital traffic. Pay attention through this, a keyword that offers only very small demand and very little supply may look good for profitability but one visitor a month will not do much for you. Make sure the demand is somewhat relevant as well. Just eliminate the keywords you feel will not get you much traffic based on the supply and demand as well as the actual numbers of people searching for the keyword.

In other words no need to pick a keyword that only gets one search per month even if the supply is nil. At this point you will start to see pattern develop as the keywords you are choosing and the sites which are using them and this will naturally refine your site concept to be the perfect Internet home based business. You will have a winning site concept with a great supply and demand ratio to your keywords and a great number of possible partners all related to the theme of your site. The fact that you enjoy the subject and can write on it is the gravy that comes from day 2 and deciding on the proper theme and concept.

Now that you are starting to get the hang of it and have a more solid footing on actually building a Internet home based business it would be wise to think about everything. You will be coming up with keyword ideas and researching them for the ones that provide the best potential to make an income (the highest demand and lowest supply). I used the example of "horse training" and the brainstorm tool has a great other feature which will help you to come up with every related keyword phrase to your business so that you can always keep researching profitable keywords to build content around and Presell to your customers in order to draw and income through your Internet home based business.

Think about it, horse training is just on phrase that provided many great keywords, but how about teaching horses, horse lessons, horses, horse barn tips and on and on. The ideas never stop coming and within minutes you can research them and KNOW what will work best for you.

That was a lot to absorb but you learned more then you may know. You now are starting to have everything you need to draw and income from the Internet. Lets just remember this step is an ongoing part of your Internet home based business and one you will continue to use each week to add new content to your web site.

So now we will push forward to day 4 where we will begin to monetize our site and pick the best partners for making an income. Click For Next Lesson

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