Day 6 Continued - Building A Home Business Idea Through Content

Now it is time to grasp just how important content is to building a home business idea. Blood and water are important things to the human body and content is just as important to being successful online. I know that statement may seem dramatic, but let me be clear, your online business will fail and will not succeed if you do not continue to build quality content around your keywords. One should add at least one page of content per week for steady growth. I add 5 or 6 pages per week because the more you add the faster things grow and I am an impatient person with my goals. If time is tight during this beginning period, focus on one page of content per week. Make each page at least 300 words and really more around 500.

Here is the word counter I use for checking on my content word count:

Free Word Counter

In order to accomplish your home business idea you must keep four parties happy:

The Search Engines
Your Visitors
Your Merchants

To look at these four parties you should have an idea in your mind of why this is important. Put yourself in the eyes of a search engine business. In order for the search engines to succeeded with their customers (web surfers), they must be able to provide what surfers are looking for. If you were looking for advice for planning a wedding would you want the first page of results loaded with people trying to sell you wedding dresses and wedding cakes? No, you would want a site dedicated to planning a wedding. What to do and what not to do, how to save money and how to make the wedding a great day. A list of steps and pages of content so you could learn what you need to know for the big day. This is why search engines value the sites loaded with quality content, because it is what their customers are looking for. The search engine that delivers the best web sites win the search engine war and gains the majority of the public.

It is no secret now that building great content focused around profitable keywords will get us free traffic for our home business idea and it is also no secret that the search engines want quality content web sites to be first in their results. They are working to deliver this for their customers who in turn become our visitors. We are delivering valuable content and information from what we know and are passionate about to keep our visitors happy and also theme our content around profitable keywords in order to get those search engine spiders visiting our site and ranking us well for our efforts.

Your merchants will automatically be pleased with you through your content if you win over the first two we have discussed because if the search engines love your content and your visitors love your content then all there is left to do is place some links to products within your text and presell. Are you starting to get it? There are no get rich quick ways to make money online with a home business idea , there are ways to make a solid income through dedicated work and following a solid plan to build a strong foundation. Once this foundation is in place then there is nothing left to do but build and construct our home business idea the correct way. You can check out more about creating a Home Business Idea by clicking the link.

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