Day 6 Continued - Building The Best Home Businesses Through Content

The best home businesses online are the ones who understand and use the concepts which I am laying out for you. By following the main points of this days plan we have a recipe for success built upon the strong foundation of the first 5 days. With a solid foundation in place we are ready to start building our structure.

The format of a web site needs to be easy for both readers and search engine spiders to navigate. The best method to do this is thinking of your site in tiers with a pyramid structure. A matter of fact think of day 1 through day 5 as laying the foundation for a pyramid and now we will begin to actually build the pyramid from the ground up. Actually we will be building an upside down pyramid on our foundation. You will see what I mean in a moment.

The best home businesses all know that failure to build a site that spiders and visitors can navigate will only destroy conversion rates and page indexing. Let's take a look at a properly built site.

The homepage will act as the tip or top of the pyramid and all the other pages will create the following tiers. It is a good idea to focus on a three tier site in the beginning to keep things organized and easy. With the homepage being constructed as the top peak and being built around the best overall keyword for our site concept we can move on to our second tier.

For me personally I like to use my site menu and navigation for my second tier. These are typically the buttons on the left side of a web site which all link directly to the homepage. A typical "navbar" or "menu" will have 5 to 20 buttons or links and these will be based on the next most profitable keywords that can form a nice outline for your site and the topics or sections that it will cover . Let me try an example of some of the best home businesses and their menu: HOMEPAGE


Or of course just look at the homepage and the left menu bar of this site. By the way, Solo Build It! creates the "menu bar" automatically in the "look and feel" selector. All you have to do is choose the style of menu buttons you like along with the colors, type, background "texture" and then add what you want the buttons to have on them. You can check out how the "look and feel" selector works from the video tour here Look and Feel Selector for the Best Home Businesses.

So since our homepage is covering the highest demand and most profitable keywords we need to use our menu buttons to accomplish the second tier with our next 5 to 20 most profitable keywords that are broad enough to lead into a third tier.

Let me take a break and we will create the perfect formula that the best home businesses all use to succeed online.

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