Day 6 Continued - More Question About Your Business From Home

Let us look at a common question people have about building a business from home.

Question: Is a great design needed to succeed and can I design a web site?

Design is not important to the search engines but as stated previously, we want an easy to follow navigation of our site so our pages can be spidered and indexed. The highly developed web sites that use a lot of Flash programming and Javascript actually make it more difficult for search engines to navigate. They may look great but they are not the best way to go for Internet marketing. These types of site designs are great for companies who are already are established and use other forms of marketing to get their customers to use their web sites.

Design is important to a degree because we do not want a site that is a sloppy and unattractive for our visitors. They likely will not feel comfortable with a scrappy site and your business from home will suffer. Keeping a site clean and professional looking it an important factor. Flashy sites are not needed as it is the content the visitor is want and what will sell the product.

The web hosting service I use will have your site design and logo up in about an hour and ready to get your pages up and running online. There are no special skills needed and many templates to choose from and alter into your perfect design. It is all "push button" simple and really fun to design your first web site. The "Design" feature is included in the price of the hosting of your web site and involves no extra costs. I highly recommend them and you should take a look at what they offer here The Best Business From Home Hosting

Question: Is There Free Web Hosting Available For Internet Marketing

There is free hosting for web sites but I would not say they are for "Internet marketers". The search engines do not value free hosts in the search and usually the hosts are running advertising on your web site. Another factor is that you will not have your own domain name for the free host and have to run your site off of their main domain. There are to many negative factors involved with using a free host and there are no tools for making your business from home effectively work. Web site hosting is not expensive and is the only overhead costs your business will have. I would recommend using a solid host which caters to the need of Internet marketing.

Question: Can I really Succeed online with this method?

This is 100% exactly what you need to do in order to continue to draw an income through a web site as a business from home. Your success in the end will be in your hands, but if you stay with my lesson plan and do not get caught trying to take short cuts this will work for you. I have been doing this for ten years and the first five years were not successful. It was not until I understood what the search engines wanted that success came. Once again just stick with the basic outline that QUALITY CONTENT = TARGETTED TRAFFIC = PRESELLING = INCOME

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