Day 6 Continued - Another Common Question About Legitimate Home Based Businesses

Let's look at a question many want to know when building legitimate home based businesses online.

Question: How long will it take for me to make money through a theme-based web site?

This is a tough question to answer, but I can tell you the money will not come pouring in at first. The process may seem slow in the beginning but once a site gets rolling the money begins to increase faster and faster. The first three months are very slow and you probably will only be getting spidered and indexed in this time by the search engines. This period can be used to build great content and get more pages up. If over this three month period you can write a page of content a day and get it up on your site, then after the three month down time things can begin to move.

The object in the beginning is just to get that first sale. Once you make a sale and see the money is real it will only motivate you to continue to work, the sales will increase and your legitimate home based businesses success will be real. Stick with the plan and work at it regularly and you will be on your way. Once you have a solid footing with the search engines you can slow down a little on the work, though you probably will only want to work more as the web site rewards you. At this time it may be a good idea to think about another site concept.

Question: Is there a faster way or better way to get rich quick online?

NO NO NO.... I hope you have been listening to me and do not feel this is to much work and there has to be a way to make millions tomorrow. There are two types of Internet marketing "White Hat" and "Black Hat". White hat marketers are the good guys and gals, they build respectable web sites that search engines want and love. Black hat marketers try to trick search engines and get traffic.

If you want solid legitimate home based businesses that will draw income for years and not die tomorrow then stay with the plan. The black hat marketers are constantly looking for ways to trick the engines and then they get banned or penalized and must continue to start over and over. They keep looking for the next way to make a quick buck and this is more work and less lucrative, as well as less stable for drawing an income online. Think about it, can you, an individual person really take on the teams of IT professionals that build and maintain their search engines? Search engines are always updating and working on their algorithms to stay ahead of the black hat marketers. This is like being a salmon swimming up stream, when it is much easier just to go with the flow.

Do not spend all your time and money buying the next "get rich quick" scheme online. The money you will spend on false hopes will only lead you hopeless and left without any successfully legitimate home based businesses. Stay with giving the search engines what they want and you will be there in no time! I suggest taking the Legitimate Home Based Businesses video tour by clicking the link.

Now it is time to continue the lesson plan with day 7 and learn the off-page criteria that search engines look for... Click For Day 7 Lesson Plan

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