Day 6 Continued - The True Art Of Search Engine Optimization For A Home Based Internet Business

Now we are getting into the heat of the battle for an home based Internet business and some of your first lessons in Search Engine Optimization. This is another huge part of Internet marketing and the starting business web site. There is no reward to building quality content if the search engines cannot see what you are trying to deliver them.

Make sure that when you write your homepage that you focus on keeping your content fun and lively. There is no point in creating a site and starting out with:

"Welcome to my site this will be your home for fly fishing information. I have gathered much news on fly fishing and I know a lot about it."

Make your site fun and exiting,

"Welcome to, where we are going to discover the exiting world of fly fishing. I have been doing this interesting form of fishing for twenty years and nothing is more exiting then packing up my rod, jumping in my jeep and hitting the streams for a day of action and challenge.

Make your readers want to learn more and bring out your love and passion of the topics. This is a sure way to easily create quality content and why we wanted to focus on a site concept you both know and love when building the foundations for our home based Internet business.

A Deeper Look At Search Engine Optimization

The following pages will cover the exiting world of search engine optimization for increasing the success of our home based Internet business. Do not have fear of this technical word, all we are doing is making our pages friendly for the search engines and sticking with the rules to make our pages rank the best they can in the search.

We never want to go overboard with are optimization. Adding to many keywords to our content and we are "keyword spamming" adding to few and we are not interesting the search engines. Do not worry, the web hosting company has an analyzer for each page we build in the template and you can check out such tools here Home Based Internet Business Analyzer Tools

One click of the button tells as what we need to do. Once we pass the analyzer we are done and there is no need to keep tweaking our pages thinking we will improve our ranking. If the page passes the analyzer leave it alone and it will increase ranking in do time. Work on another page of content around another keyword to be optimized and so on.

There are two main forms of search engine optimization for building a solid home based Internet business.

On-Page Optimization: - This entails everything about your page that will help you rank well for a keyword. The first section of a page is telling the search engines certain things. The title of your page which will be shown in the search. The keywords you will be using and focused on and a description of the page the search engines will be using in the search results. These are all called "meta tags" and are very easy to fill out in the template for each page in the web hosting service I use. The other sections for on page optimization are the header of your content and then the body of your content.

Off-Page Optimization: This is an important part of getting your pages to rank well and refers to all the factors that are "off the page" you are optimizing. The major off- page criteria used for ranking a web site page is "in-pointing links". When another web site that is related to your site theme and concept links to your web site this tells the search engines that your site is a resource and has the popularity. Getting links to your site for off-page optimization will be covered in detail at a later time.

For this section of the lesson we are going to focus on on-page optimization and then later move into off-page criteria that will help to grow a successful home based Internet business.

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