Day 6 Continued - On-Page Optimization For Our Home Based Business Idea

For a home based business idea I mentioned before that the upper section of the page template is devoted towards meta tags, which is the area of the page where you are telling the search engines what your home based business idea is about and what they will list for your title and description in the search results.

These are called:

META Keyword tag
META description tag

The other tags we will use for on-page optimization are:

Header Tags
Body Copy
Link Tags
File Name/ domain name extension
Image Alt tag

These tags are all very important to your home based business idea and very easy to interpret and work with. They will all be involved with your keyword for the page you are optimizing. Let's take a deeper look at each.

1) Title Tag

* this tag requires the exact keyword must be used once. You can use the keyword two times but NO more then two. I have found that using more words and two keywords is not as effective as just using your keyword and little else around it.

* This is the title that will show up in the search results so make it look good and grab attention. The more attention you attract in your title the more clicks you will get.

* The title tag will be used in every page you create around every keyword you use for your pages. Make sure you get the exact keyword you are using into the title for EVERY page you optimize.

2) META Keyword Tag

* This is just where you enter your keywords or phrase you are working around. Some say to add some different synonyms around them. I always just add my keyword phrase I am targeting and leave it at that.

3) META Description Tag

* This is the description of your web site page that will be seen in the search results. Place your keyword into it twice, also make it attractive as it will be what the visitors read which makes them decide whether or not they want to come visit your site.

* Make the total number of words around 150 for the entire description.

* Do not repeat the title in your description tag. Use the title to attract the visitors interest and then use the description to draw them in further.

4) Header Tags (H1)

* The header tag or H1 tag (H1 is the HTML code to create a header) is just the large headline at the top of your body copy and very important for creating a home based business idea. You want to include your keyword in the header one time only. The header is an important tag and must be used on every page you create.

* Keep the header tag around forty to fifty words. Long header tags can be a bit overwhelming, short and sweet it the idea here. A header is the intro to your page of content, let it inform what we are going to talk about.

* Make sure your header is different from your title.

Solo Build It! has a great analyzer tool in which you simply click a button and it tells you exactly what is wrong with each of these section in a pop-up window. Once a section says "good" there is no need to do anything else, but if a section is supplying information as to what is wrong then read the advice and go back to fix it until each section is perfect or reads "good" in the analyzer.

In the beginning it will take some time to get the feel of each section, at this point I pass the analyzer for every section the first time. Optimizing pages will become second nature in time but having a tool to assure that the page is perfect for the search engines are priceless. You can check out the analyzer and other great Home Based Business Idea tools by clicking the link.

Let's move onto the next page to learn more about on-page optimization for our home based business idea. Click For Next Lesson

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