Day 6 Continued - Questions Commonly Asked About A Turnkey Home Business Online

We will start today trying to answer some common question about a turnkey home business web site, then we will go into the art of off-page optimization as it has become a very important aspect of Internet marketing success. I hope you were able to absorb the on-page factors for making the search engines rank your web site well and get some of that all important targeted traffic. Think of it this way, you are learning what very few people know and gathering the skill you need to have a turnkey home business which you can work from home and draw steady income which grows.

Question: What exactly is it that search engines want from my web site?

This is a common question and easy to answer. First the search engines all desire a nice theme-based content site that provides information for their customers. The main customers of a search engine are their advertisers, but a search engine must provide the best sites in their search results so that the surfers will use the engine and support the advertisers. Search engines must keep the surfers happy and returning or their business will die. The best way to keep visitors coming back is to supply the best sites in the search results and these sites are always theme-based, easy to navigate sites with top quality content.

Search engines look for other factors to evaluate the sites that will receives top rankings because obviously they cannot read every site and evaluate it with human editors . They use algorithms which search for certain factors. We have went over the on-page factors to help rank a web site. When you use tightly related keyword to build content around for building your site the search engines are able to observe what the theme of your site is. Off-page factors for a turnkey home business web site we will review in the next section.

Inbound links that point to your web site usually are the main factors that search engines look at for ranking a page. These are just links that webmaster put on their sites if they find your site to be a useful resource for their readers. You can see why a search algorithm would use this for their criteria. A link from another site to yours which is a topic on the same theme is a "vote" that your web site is resourceful to the online community. You can learn more about how Solo Build It! helps with a solid link building strategy through their "Value Exchange" program included with the free tools, check out all the tools and video tour here Turnkey Home Business Tools and Video Tour

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