Day 8 Continued - Building A Legitimate Work From Home Business The Right Way

In day eight of our legitimate work from home business plan we are putting ourselves in the best position to make the most of the free traffic we are receiving from the search engines and building a legitimate home business the correct way, a way that 99% of those creating income online are missing out on. We know an E-zine is a great addition for keeping a relationship with our visitors but how will we convince them that another email in their box is something they want or need?

Many marketers use different tactics to increase the conversions of visitors wanting to opt-in to their lists. Most experienced webmasters understand the need of enhancing their legitimate work from home business through a list and just like everything else we learned, we want to take full advantage. We want the visitors to feel that keeping in contact with your site is worth their while and here is some ideas for just that.

We want to stress the benefits for the visitor to join our newsletter on a page dedicated towards our Ezine, this page will be on are menu or navbar and will be a sales letter for joining our newsletter. This is why many webmasters will give something away free with there legitimate work from home business. E-books are very inexpensive to purchase and resell, so if you can find an E-book related to your topic then telling your visitors that if they sign up they will receive this E-book free you will see conversions sky rocket for your list. Many affiliate programs will allow you to offer discounts or electronic coupons for your customers, telling your visitors that if they sign up for your newsletter they will receive discounts on products is another great incentive to get them to sign up.

Make sure we emphasize that this newsletter is completely free and add testimonials from others who have signed up for the newsletter. Let the visitors know that they will be the first to know of any new content and products listed on your site and make sure to use a "call to action" showing them how to sign up for the E-zine. You can also post a back issue of one of the newsletters so the visitors can see what it is they are signing up for and what they will be receiving.

When we set up are E-zine for our legitimate work from home business we will use a template in the web hosting software to set the newsletter format up. This is very easy to do, but we want to stay predictable so our readers see the email in their boxes and open it. We will create a name for our Ezine, a subject for each going out, a small logo and perhaps a small text block to get our readers exited. Then just follow through with your newsletter content and have a strong closing statement to keep them interested for the next update.

Marketing Our E-zine

Just like anything else with a legitimate work from home business, a little marketing for our Ezine can go a long way, so we will want to do a little work to get our newsletter out the web and continue to grow our legitimate home business even further. Just like every other marketing technique we have discussed there are directories and places on the Internet devoted to newsletters and E-zines so we want to go ahead and place our newsletter with them.

Make sure that you are placing your E-zine sale page in the correct category for your topic or site theme. If the directory has a keyword search function type in some keywords related to the theme of your site and see what categories the other web sites are listed in. Also you will be asked to create a description so once again we want to be exiting and "pre-sell" our E-zine so that visitors want to join. This process takes about an hour to accomplish and will be well worth the time. Our legitimate work from home business will continue to receive subscribers and out site will receive more traffic without any further work.

I cannot stress how easy it is to create and manage the E-zine and most is handled automatically. Solo Build It! includes the E-zine templates and tools in the hosting and they can be looked at by clicking the link Legitimate Work From Home Business E-zine ToolsThe only part we must participate in is creating our sales page to get subscribers to sign up and then create a weekly or monthly newsletter we will send. The E-zine template will be saved so we just add our new content and title with a small subject line telling the subscribers what is "hot" in this current issue. After that it is "push a button" and the newsletter is blasted to everyone in our list.

The day 8 tutorial is almost done, let us just look at one last area we may want to cover in our Internet marketing. Click Here For Next Lesson

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