Day 8 Continued - More Marketing Tip For The Best Home Business Opportunity

One last area to cover in our quest for creating the best home business opportunity will be looking at how forms may help our marketing efforts. Forms can be created easily and accomplish many different marketing ideas. Some of the way forms are used by webmasters are to create polls, create auto responders and to collect feedback from visitors of their sites.

Forms may also be created in order to build referrals and create leads. There is not much to learn with forms and I personally have not used them, but many webmaster will add them to their web sites. They can create a "buzz" and make a site a little more "sticky" if done correctly and may be something you want to look into if an idea may fit into your marketing plan.

The Ezine I use with my web site is actually a "form". The company I use to host my web sites simply created it so that it is pre built for webmaster to use at the push of a button and the template is all you would ever to need to manage and Ezine online. There is a button in the managers tool available for building forms in the manager section of the web site and it is called "Form Build It". You can view such Best Home Business Opportunity Tools by clicking the link. In this area it is a snap to build any forms we may need for growing the best home business opportunity through a web site.

These may include any of the following:

contact form

surveys or simple polls

sweepstakes entry form

requests for more information form

application form

name and e-mail address form for 5-7 day Auto Responder e-courses

Special Report form (via Auto Responder)

referral form (especially useful for offline sales)

Any of these forms can be created in a matter of minutes and be a nice addition to a page or pages of your web site, so you may want to experiment with them. Let the methods for using forms above stir up some ideas for the best home business opportunity of your web site.

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