Day 9 Continued - Analyzing Data For A Computer Home Based Business

The day 9 lessons for a computer home based business are about understanding your visitors in order to maximize income opportunities. I am sure from reading the lesson that the importance of analyzing such data as page views, popular pages and click-in data, as well as understanding tracking links has set in. These techniques will assure that your web site business is always making the most profit on a per visitor basis and any weakness in your marketing attempts can be learned of and then either strengthened or eliminated.

The monitoring of page views, visits and most popular pages are simple and within a glance the webmaster can have all the information needed for keeping on top of their computer home based business. These applications and techniques are great for a beginner to become in touch and comfortable with their web site. A look once per month at how and where the traffic is coming in will let a webmaster focus their efforts in the correct areas.

I personally monitor my traffic results on a monthly basis and the process only takes ten or fifteen minutes. Solo Build It! makes monitoring and tracking such activity very easy with all the tools they provide, make sure to check out all they offer for a Computer Home Based Business by clicking the link. When you can see that the majority of visitors are entering and exiting a certain page of your web site, it would make sense to experiment with conversion rates for the page or pages to draw as much income as possible from these pages which are getting attention. By paying attention to which keywords visitors are using to find these pages in the search engines will let the webmaster know what products they may be interested in purchasing from the page or pages. These simple techniques will make sure we build a successful computer home based business.

Advanced Techniques For Analysis

The use of tracking links for the purpose of analyzing "click-in" and click-out" data can provide valuable information for a webmaster. These tools allow a webmaster to experiment with different methods of promotion and to track which marketing methods are working and which are not. The data also allows us to monitor and track our affiliate links on the web site so we can clearly see which merchants our visitors click on the most. We can also see if in our marketing we receive better conversion rates from sending visitors to our content pages or directly to the merchants product page. The use of tracking links is an advanced technique and should only be experimented with once all previous lessons have been mastered. The key focus of a computer home based business is always to build great content and optimize it for exposure on the Internet and search engines.

The lesson of day 9 explains in exact detail how we can use data in order to know and understand our visitors. Knowing your customer is the heart of any business, not just a computer home based business. By following our traffic stats and using tracking to see what is occurring with our links in and out of our pages we have the key to maximizing profits and increasing returns for all traffic building marketing efforts. Remember to experiment with these techniques and monitor for trends which effect your computer home based business.

The next page I will give an example of how a beginner webmaster can use the more advanced concept of tracking links to become comfortable with the technique.

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