Day 9 Continued - Traffic Analysis For A Work From Home Internet Business

The previous pages have taught you how to keep on top of your work from home Internet business through the help of traffic monitoring and analysis. A is simple and painless to keep track of a web site, especially when you are working as an affiliate marketer. The beauty of being an affiliate marketer is that these will be the only numbers you have to be in touch with, no inventory, customers or billing. The traffic statistics make it easy for even the beginner webmaster to turn valuable data into valuable information.

Now that we know exactly the number of visitors, visits and page views, as well as where they are coming from and how they are finding us and even the keyword surfers are typing into the search engines to find us, we have the ability to look a little deeper.

We have all the information we need from the traffic stats we went over and this should be beneficial for our work from home Internet business in the fact that we know what areas to focus on for our traffic building and where to spend our time and money. We also know what topics and areas we should spend are content writing around. There is a special technique that will help with the analyzing for these topics and they are perfect for theme content sites.

Our web sites have two types of links:

Off-Site Links: The links we have placed in directories and on other web sites. These are the links that bring traffic into our site.

On-Site Links: The links that are on the web site and send traffic out. Affiliate links are an example of the links which will send traffic off of our site.

These links are the basis of another form of analysis called "Click-In Analysis" and "Click-Through Analysis" Off-Site Links do not appear within the pages of our web site and these links may be part of promotions we are running, paid advertising, pay per clicks or links from articles we have distributed. These are forms of our promotion and by monitoring these off-site links we can locate strengths and weakness in our marketing approach. Building upon the strength and fixing the weaknesses will make our work from home Internet business even stronger and more profitable.

On-Site Links are the "Money Links" because if we are sending visitors off our site, then they must be our income generating sources we have built from affiliate programs or advertising. Through the use of click-in and click-through data, we can learn the best ways to spend our traffic building time and money and we can track our best income opportunities while minimizing our loss.

The basic concept is that through Click In analysis we can learn where we need to spend our time and money towards building traffic. Through Click-Through analysis we are tracking what is making our web site profit and once again Solo Build It! makes the work from home Internet business tracking a cinch. Check out the link and click on the "tools" to learn more about how Solo Build It! makes this easy. The above lesson is the basics about the subject, implementing the technique could not be easier.

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