Day 9 Continued - Using Click-Through Analysis For Internet Home Businesses

Click-Through links are just the opposite of the click in for Internet home businesses but we deal with them in the same way. Just as the marketing efforts of placing links around the web to get visitors onto our site, we also place links on our sites in order to send them to our merchants and affiliate programs. In essence our click-through links are the "money links" and should be tracked as well. The best way to think of a click-through link is simply as a click-out link. One brings visitors in and one brings visitors out of our site.

All of the same rules of click-in links apply to this lesson. The data gathered from the computer program tells us how many visitors are clicking on the link, if they are first time visitors repeat visitors and also our "Click Through Rate" which is simply the clicks divided by the page views. An example would be, if we have 1000 page views for the month and 100 visitors click the affiliate link of the page we assume a 10% click through rate and if 20 visitors who "clicked through" make a purchase we have a 2% conversion rate. This example emphasizes the importance of always analyzing data for Internet home businesses because any increase in those number means more profit for you.

To go on further, if we create a tracking link in order to send visitors to our merchant and place the link on three of our pages, we can analyze how they link has performed on each individual page.

We can also get a glimpse into how our visitors are responding to each of the merchants we have on our site. Suppose we have the three affiliate programs or merchants we are using to create income through our web site Internet home businesses. On one page we have the three different "links out" to each individual merchant. Through the use of tracking links we are able to see which merchant is getting the attention of our visitors. One merchant link may only be receiving 10% of the traffic from the page, while another merchant link may be recieving 80%.

The data can be collected an analyzed in any time frame and span you would need. Daily, weekly and yearly statistics are all available to cover all the information a webmaster needs to gather and look at for making a profitable Internet home business.

The bottom line on click-through analysis is that it can give great insight to what is working and what is failing as you continue to create income opportunities through your web site. As a webmaster you are able to track the precise success rate of every "link-out" and this is the exact method to measure the money or income of your Internet home businesses.

Think about it for a second, you are able to see exactly what visitors are clicking on and what they are not! You have the exact recipe for what works for your site and it's visitors and what fails. Building upon what is working and not spending the time for what does not, or trying to improve upon the failures will equal more income and eventually the maximum income possible for each page, affiliate program and visitor that comes to your web site.

Click-through analysis is just as important as click-in analysis and with an understanding of both concepts your Internet home business can grow larger and faster with little work or effort. The tracking software is free with the hosting service I use and it's "push button" simplicity is one feature I truly enjoy about it. I showed the screen shot in the previous lesson and you can see how user friendly the "Tracker Library" is and how the beginning webmaster can benefit from such great tools. You can take a look at all the tools I got with the web hosting service I use for all my web sites here Internet Home Businesses Tracking Tools!

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